Confident women are raised by loving dad ~ Actor Murphy Afolabi says as she share her daughters pictures

By: Sarkolee / August 13th, 2022 / 47 views

The baby mama of Nigerian star Murphy Afolabi chastises him for neglecting their child a few days before he steps out with his adorable daughters.


A pleased dad who posted the picture stressed that strong women are raised by devoted fathers.

Actress Bamidele Omobolanle reportedly called out Murphy Afolabi for allegedly threatening to ruin her life and forsake their child, according to Nollygistvibes.


On social media, Murphy Afolabi faced a lot of criticism as users urged him to stop leading a false life and take care of his child.

Murphy Afolabi has not yet arrived to refute the actress’s assertions.

The actor recently shared a selfie of himself with his two daughters on social media.

The actor emphasizes in the snapshot that a true family is bound together not just by blood but also by respect for one another.

Confident women are raised by loving dad”- Actor Murphy Afolabi says as he steps with his daughters 3