Cross dresser James brown reveals hidden secrets of being a woman and their potentials

By: Naijamedialog / October 24th, 2022 / 111 views

James Brown, a well-known Nigerian cross-dresser, has a remarkable skill for behaviorally changing genders and has made a significant statement on the strength of being a woman.

The cross-dresser who recently made headlines after his “sex tape” was released shared new pictures of himself dressed as a man and revealed that he has now given up his titles of “Princess of Africa” and “Duchess of London” in favor of “King of Africa.”

Meet the ruler of Africa, he captioned the news images he posted on Instagram.

However, a supporter praised him for returning to being a guy in the comments area, saying that he looks better as a man than a woman.

The fan wrote: “You fine as a man, I don’t know why you acting like a woman. Madman”

In response, James Brown stated that being a woman may make one wealthy if they are smart, which was a compelling reason he made the decision to go on the cross-dressing vocation.

In his words : “Because it pays the bills naturally, Being a woman can make you wealthy if you are smart. I can teach!”