Crossdresser Bobrisky reveals why he needs a female child as a parent

By: Sarkolee / September 26th, 2022 / 40 views

Popular crossdresser Bobrisky announced on social media that he wanted to start a family while searching for a surrogate mother.

The celebrity published a series of articles in which he listed some of the things his daughter will appreciate as a parent one day.

Bobrisky appealed to any attractive women in the US or the UK who are considering serving as surrogate mothers since he urgently wants a kid.

Additionally, he described some of the properties he owned and said that being older is no longer an advantage.

I have many properties I need a child to leave everything for. Nobody know when death is coming. If I can get a girl child, omg I’m never leaving her sight for a sec I’m 31 years time is going.”

Additionally, Bibrisky claimed that he would lavishly compensate his surrogate mother:

Since last year I have been worried about having kids my first child should come as a girl omg. I will spoil her with my life. I will call my lawyer and write my will the day she will be born. I love girls.