Dancer Jane Mena narrates how she use her body to snatch a somebody’s man

By: Sarkolee / August 15th, 2022 / 39 views

Controversial Jane Mena, a Nigerian dancer, has once again raised eyebrows with a revelation about how she draws men.

On her social media page, she posted a photo of herself, and one of her followers commented unfavorably on her appearance.

He mentioned explicitly that her bosom was little, to which Jane retaliated by saying that it was the same body part she had used to kidnap a guy.

The influencer, who is wed to Mr. Plies, questioned why admirers were referring to her body in the same way all the time.

Jane continued by stating that she would never undergo any type of surgery on her chest because it would alter her endearing nature.

Ricky48586, a fan, wrote: “You don’t have br***t.”

She responded; ”Ahhhhhhhh this early afternoon OOOOO. Una no go kee me for this app

Wait what did my small br*** do to you people ehn. No be same Br*** wey I take collect person man Put some respek on my name oooo.

This is the only thing I WILL NEVER TOUCH IN MY BODY COS IF I DO, my sweet personality will change.”