Dancer Korra Obidi goes emotional as she reveals what she’s passing through as a result of Divorce [video]

By: Sarkolee / September 7th, 2022 / 33 views

Nigerian dancer Korra Obidi, who lives in America, has bemoaned some of the effects of divorce.

The dancer and her ex-husband, Justin Dean, have a history of fighting on social media over allegations of infidelity and domestic abuse.

When he attempted to speak with the dancer who had reconciled with her ex due to their daughter, she rebuked him.

When Justin spoke to Korra Obidi, she had already left to pick up the girls from what appeared to be their father’s place.

Korra Obidi could be heard telling her ex-boyfriend not to talk to her while Justin’s voice could not be made out.

She emphasized that since they had divorced, he was not permitted to speak to her.

Korra said, “You are not supposed to be speaking to him, you are breaking the law”.

The ex-couple apparently agreed during their divorce processes that they shouldn’t communicate with one another.

On social media, people criticized her for being distant toward him as a result of this, causing a controversy.

When Korra Obidi posted a video of her baby crying as she was being dropped off at her father’s house, the video quickly became popular on social media.

The three-year-old daughter of Korra had hoped to meet her mother when she saw her father, therefore Korra had brought her along.

June Obidi, the daughter of Korra Obidi, could be seen sobbing bitterly in the video as she waited for her mother to reconcile with her father.

The child had tantrums and cried in an attempt to get her mother to do what she wanted, thus her displeasure at her mother’s refusal was understandable.

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Despite her daughter’s temper outbursts, Korra Obidi stuck to her guns, breaking her daughter’s heart.