Dancer Korra Obidi speaks on issues of going back to her ex husband [video]

By: Sarkolee / September 9th, 2022 / 26 views

Korra Obidi stated that she is unable to put up with the abuse or stay in a poisonous relationship. The singer continued by advising ladies in unhealthy relationships to end them right away and to show themselves some self-love. She asserts that while being alone does not necessarily cause death, poisonous marriages and relationships can.

Further, Korra Obidi refuted assertions that she was suffering the negative effects of her divorce. She advised internet users to ignore such a narrative and insisted that she is unconcerned. She continued by saying that because society portrays women as incapable of surviving without a male, myths like these are what keep the majority of women in violent relationships and marriages.

Following a breakdown in one of her live videos, the dancer pleaded with viewers not to get divorced.

Divorce, she claimed, is incredibly unnatural and isn’t for the weak.

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