Daniel Regha narrates how Singer Asake is promoting violence in his new release video

By: Sarkolee / July 26th, 2022 / 61 views


Daniel Regha, a Nigerian Twitter star, criticized Asake over a recent gun video.


The artist posted a video of himself on social media clutching a gun, and Regha called his behavior “disgusting” and criticized it.


According to him, Asake was encouraging gang mindset and behavior, thus Nigerians should exercise care rather than praise him.


The contentious influencer went on to criticize those who lament lack of security but approve of Asake’s gun video.


Asake uploaded a disgusting video of him holding a gun, & people are calm; This is the problem, y’all will be complaining of insecurity but at the same time applaud entertainers (especially artistes) who promote gang mentality & behavior. That’s pathetic. Caution these celebs


He said !!!

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