Davido bouncers seen holding up two fans as they struggle to go hug Davido on stage [video]

By: Sarkolee / May 2nd, 2022 / 99 views

A video circulating on social media shows musician Davido’s bouncers working extra hard as two overly enthusiastic fans battled and fought so hard to hug the singer on stage at the Globacom Battle of the Year event in Lagos.

When a young man got access to the stage from the crowd and surged towards Davido in the viral video, he was seen dishing out classics on stage to his admirers in the packed auditorium.

As Davido’s bouncers got a hold of the young man, who fought back and gave the security personnel a hard time, he backed away.

At the same time, a young lady broke loose from the crowd, leapt onto the platform, and ran straight towards Davido.

However, the video has elicited mixed reactions. While some people believe Davido should have hugged the guy because of his high energy level, others disagree.


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