Dear Phone User: 10 ways you can save your data

I know the network providers say data is life. Some even say we should just go ahead to use and not be bothered how much we spend using it. Well in these era of online videos. You drain up your data just watching clips with your data. But what if there are apps that can help you slow the usage? Some apps that will help you to manage it effectively. Here are 10 free apps you can download if you care about the amount of money you spend daily on data:
1. Datally
Saves you valuable data when you do not need other apps consuming your mobile data. Allows you to control the data usage and lets you block the background process of many apps. Offers a bedtime mood that automatically turns of data connection at night time. Saves you little internet data for emergency use and alerts you before the end of your data package. Integrated with data limiting facilities and daily use limitations for your convenience.
2. My Data Manager
Lets you monitor your data usage while you roam, surf on WiFi network or using mobile data.
Integrated with alarms for better notification before your data package finishes.
Provides options for tracking data consuming apps and helps you block background usage for more savings. Tracks data usage of apps and records history of usage for better organization of data plans and saves you from extra cost.
Includes management options for all your devices in one place for your convenience.
3. Data Usage Monitor
Provides complete automated data traffic measurement whenever you open the app to check the usage.
It tracks your data usage on all the popular networks both on mobile data and on WiFi data collection.
Lets you know about the apps which consume the most amount of data.
Offers data limiting functionality for saving your data and money, it also provides controllable hotspot sharing.
Offers very easy to use user interface with many premium features for a better experience.
4. DataEye
Offers both data and battery-saving at the same time, and helps controlling data traffic.
Provides useful statistics data to inform you about the data usage of different apps.
Offers data saving and management both in local networks and also at the global level while you are roaming.
Provides battery saver option and helps you block background processes of different apps which consume both data and phone’s battery.
Includes interactive data saving options with package profiles and gives you full control over data management for the optimal saving of money.
5. GlassWire Data
It provides useful alerts and notifications to inform you before your carrier data ends and cost you for extra data usage.
Instantly provides information when a new app starts using your data both on carrier and WiFi networks.
Offers speed meter in the notification bar to notify the data usage all the time.
Provides top class privacy and helps to reveal the apps which consume most of the network data.
Includes personalized data usage profiles and apps blocking options for optimal data saving.
6. Net-Guard
It will save your data by blocking the routine use of data. It is useful for accessing each app by scanning its data usages. You can run it with any device.
For protection, you can use it with a password manager. It will never interfere with the other apps of your device. It will help you by saving battery even when playing offline games.
7. Data Monitor
It will monitor your data usage and report to you about it. Includes a good number of useful and functional looking widgets. It will analyze network connection, cellular data use, and traffic breakdown.
Offer you the useful WiFi scanner.
8. InternetGuard Data Saver Firewall
It will automatically block all kinds of background activities and apps that access your data. It will take full control over all your mobile apps and reduce your data usages. It will provide a high-security system and also saving your battery. Includes Android farewell protection that needs no root requirement. It will monitor and display all your data usage and network speed. Offers you five aesthetically amazing background themes.
9. Data Saver
It is very light in weight and so, will take nearly no space in your phone memory. Also, you will find it free and very easy to use, download, and update. It will save your data by connecting you with any open local WiFi connection. It will monitor your data usages and show you the results. It is excellent to search and finds networks near to you so that you can get connected.
10. Data Manager
It will monitor your data usages and speed and will show you when you tap a button. It will keep a sidebar that will show the information about your data.
You will get alert before you are near your data limit.
Store your data traffic
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