Detailed: Tips for New Sellers on Fiverr

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Firstly, I’ll like to point out that I am not a senior seller, I am a Fiverr seller who has been going at it for 3 months now. I also am not skilled like a graphic designer, so I am in the Digital Marketing & Web Designing field which I reached level 1 in the first 2-3 months.. I love searching and learning stuff before/while I usually try something out so I compiled some points which may not be obvious for new sellers:

Detailed: Tips for New Sellers on Fiverr
  • Make sure your gig has a low price, at least one of the packages shall be cheap as it can get. When buyers search, they usually tend to choose the set the budget quite low, so if your prices are high your gig won’t be seen. What I tend do is, if I have 3 packages, I’ll set the first package to $5-10 and the other packages a bit higher.
  • Make sure to keep Fiverr open on your browser open, and maybe download an extension to refresh it every few minutes. The reason is because sellers might have an urgent custom order and tend to filter out the gigs using the “Online Sellers” option, which will surely help give you a higher chance of getting a customer.
  • Never ask the buyer to leave a feedback, simply thank him for purchasing. This is simply preventing your account from getting suspended. The buyer might report you to Customer Support for breaking their TOS for feedback manipulation (This isn’t proven but better safe than be sorry).
  • NEVER provide Unlimited Revisions. Setting your revisions might get you customers but they usually tend to be arrogant or greedy and will make you overwork for cheap until they are satisfied (They never will). If they aren’t satisfied, I can assure you won’t be receiving a good feedback on your gig. Also, there is a way for buyers to make the sellers who provide the unlimited revision work for a lifetime. I had personally experienced it and someone even made a post a while ago. This is actually really and possible.
  • While this might be obvious for some, I’ll still point it out. Rather than creating a single gig, you shall open multiple gigs as there is higher chance of getting noticed. A new seller can open up to 7 active gigs, which is actually quite profitable if done correctly. An example of which I see quite frequently is:
  1. I will write a travel article.
  2. I will write a medical article.
  3. I will write a business article.

As you can see this is just one of the dozens of examples which can be found in Fiverr. Even though you can make a single gig with a writing article service, to gain more funnels and get noticed sellers create similar gigs which provide the same service.

  • When you have an order and the buyer has messaged you. Do not reply from the phone. To clarify it, let me explain it like this. Fiverr has 2 chats:
  1. The normal inbox where you talk to potential buyers/customers, etc.
  2. The order chat, where the requirements are provided, and the buyer has ordered. You only use this to chat about the order, ask for more detail about the order, etc.

When the buyer messages you/requests an update from the order chat, you actually do get notified on phone, but when you click the notification what it does is, Fiverr app directs you to the normal inbox, so even though you think you are typing in the order chat, you are actually messaging from the normal chat. It doesn’t look professional as well as it might get confusing since customers usually don’t know the difference either and they might do the same mistake. So now while some messages are in the order chat, you now have to also check the inbox chat. To summarize it, use PC and make sure you are using the correct chat.

  • Make sure when a potential buyer is looking to request a custom order. The prices actually make sense compared to your packages. To explain it like this: Let’s say you have 3 packages which involves typing/designing.
Packages Price
10 PAGES  $10
20 PAGES  $20
30 PAGES  $30

So, now when the customers ask for a custom order of 60 pages. What do you think the price will be? It should be around $60. I have noticed that some sellers providing their services for cheap and when a buyer requests for a custom order, they increase the price unreasonably. Of course, there are other factors, such as when is it due, etc. Even if the due date is one of the only things that shall be considered, let’s say it will take 3 days normally, and the buyer requests it for 2 days. Increase the price to $80-90. Do not double the price and say $150. It just sounds fishy and looks appalling.

  • Do not ask for additional payment after you start agreeing and starting the order. Even though, some buyers might agree to pay for it. Consider how they might feel afterwards, and how that might affect the feedback.
  • Turn on Live Portfolio. This just shows your work with the customers and might get more attraction as most sellers only provide 1-2 Portfolio work and that might not be interesting to the buyer or simply want to see more. Now to use this beneficially there are few things to consider:
  1. While this applies to only specific fields like design. When delivering the work for revision, always add a watermark. This prevents the buyer from simply stealing and cancelling the order.
  2. For orders which consists of writing/text, please take into consideration that delivering the format in word won’t show the file in the portfolio, but if you provide an image (picture of the page) it will show in your gig which can be viewed by everyone. The worst scenario is when you are working on a document which is quite significant and confidential and you provide word and PDF format. If the buyer forgets to turn off the live portfolio, rather than seeing only a single page, the PDF is published. I personally learned that the hard way, had to work on a document which was confidential and provided both formats, noticed that the whole document was in my gig now. Thankfully nothing happened.
  • If you are done with the order but haven’t delivered it yet. Rather than simply delivering it, I’ll advise you to update the buyer regarding how the order is going and deliver it a bit later. Now it might sound weird or unexpected, but the reason is even if the sellers has dozens of 5 stars the Fiverr algorithm tends to show sellers which has ongoing orders on the top. Even after delivering the order, until 3 days passes or until the buyer confirms the order, the “Orders in Queue” still appears in your gig which does increase sales upon experimenting.
  • Answer to all your inbox messages, even if it is a scam message within 8 hours. If you do not, this might affect your Avg. Response Time.
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