Did I tell you to pay my school fees ~ lady tell her boy friend as she dumps him

By: Sarkolee / May 27th, 2022 / 33 views

A WhatsApp discussion between a man and his fiancée, who opted to break up with him despite everything he had done for her, has gone viral.

He seemed to bring up all of the things he had done for her in the past in an attempt to persuade her not to dump him, but she urged him not to do so.

She noted in the discussion that he paid her school tuition and provided her with housing, but she does not want him to shame her into staying with him.

She expressed her gratitude for everything, noting that he did everything of his own volition and that she did not beg him to do so.

The man was taken aback by her decision to leave their relationship despite the fact that he had given her everything.


See the chat below

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