Do not have s*e with drunk or tipsy person no matter how much pressure they put on you ~ Comrade Deji Adeyanju

By: Sarkolee / May 10th, 2022 / 79 views


Deji Adeyanju, a well-known Nigerian campaigner, has turned to Twitter to warn people about the hazards of sleeping with an intoxicated person.

On Monday, May 9, the activist took to Twitter to advise people to reject sexual approaches from anyone who is under the influence of alcohol.

According to him, it’s preferable to say NO because once the booze wears off, the person might accuse them of rape because they weren’t in their right mind throughout the encounter.

Deji Adeyanju recently stated that this generation of Nigerians is the most hopeless, just concerned with sex, vibe, and free money.

He wrote this:

Don’t ever have sex with a drunk person no matter how much pressure they put on you to do so. When they become sober in the morning; they might turn it to rape. This is a free but very expensive advice.

On Thursday, February 10, Adeyanju made this claim in a post on his Instagram page.

According to him, there are only a few people who have strong values, therefore if one is fortunate enough to find a few, one should endeavor to preserve them.


See his post below

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