Do not shave your private part hair ~ Relationship expert Blessing Okoro advises ladies [see reasons]

By: Sarkolee / May 30th, 2022 / 151 views

Blessing Okoro, a well-known Nigerian relationship and sex specialist, has encouraged women to shave their pubic hair less frequently.

According to the socialite, most women rip off their pubic hair whenever they want to see a man, and some prefer to wax it. She, however, claims that this is not a healthy practice.

She sai with a shaving tool in her hand.

Ladies, can you avoid shaving stick, leave the hair in your pubic area sometimes.

It helps prevent bacteria and infection.

Stop shaving your pubic hair all the time, it protects your private part.

You know our bodies are very open, that hair in your pubic hair is actually protecting something.

It’s not for fancy.

Don’t shave all the time, rather trim it


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uzoogah wrote;

In Nigerian heat ? This means constant visits to the bathroom to cleanse with water or wipes from the fluids around the area. Gawd help those who don’t even wash properly after a No 1 or No 2

girlcherry2022 wrote ;
Abeg which guy go gree put mouth for toto way dem no shave “hmmmm” me way like to collect head pass sex how I won do.


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