Elokings Review: Why you must join the earning income program. Read my honest review.

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ELOKINGS income Review

ELOKINGS income Review

Signup on Elokings income program here and get started with making money online the easy way.

I wouldn’t know about now exactly but the ELOKINGS income program is currently making waves around the web in Nigeria here.

Elokings income program is one of the latest income program trending here in Nigeria.

Elokings income program was designed to help most especially student in resolving their financial instability.

I must tell you that being a student in Nigeria can somehow be frustrating, as I was one before just because you have no money to spend on campus or during this period of Lockdown, also when you need money for your immediate need.

Elokings income program was established to help the student in making money online without affecting their academic life that is to say this is a platform that can earn you money without you having to invest much in it in any way.

You will just have to read news online and comment in them just as many others do with their respective refer and earn programs.

Making money online with Elokings income program is pretty an easy process, you don’t need to be physically present before you can make money.

Now the above might seem a little confusing, even I was confused writing it but this is the truth.

Lets explain it better…

How to make money with ELOKINGS income program

The Elokings income program is very easy and flexible to make good income from, the program was made to allow you earn a good amount of money doing what you love.

The Elokings income program reward it members for performing simple tasks, this tasks are what will do everyday i.e you make money doing your daily activities.

How to register for the ELOKINGS income program

Getting registered for the Elokings income program is not hard as you may think, the registration is very easy just follow the procedure.

Head over to www.elokings.com.ng

Once you get to Elokings income program homepage click on the menu, select signup, and input the required info such as;

1.) Visit their website (www.elokings.com.ng)

2.) Click on Join

3.) Fill the form with your correct details.

4.) Get the Coupon Code of N1000 before Elokings Registration

5.) Input the Coupon code then you are ready.

You can check on the below screenshot.

How to register for the ELOKINGS income program

How much does it cost to registered on ELOKINGS


Before you can start making money online with Atpay income program you have to pay a registration fee of #1,000.

This money will be use to upgrade your account.

How does ELOKINGS make money

ELOKINGS generate most of their income from various advertisements placed on their site.

ELOKINGS decided to share some of their income with their members for promoting the site also for using it.

ELOKINGS income program earning activities (ELOKINGS income review)

In this section, I will talk about some of the activities which you will be rewarded for doing on ELOKINGS.

These activities are not difficult as you may think

1.) Daily login: You will get N50 for any day you accomplish the Elokings Login.

2.) Sign up Bonus: Once you have accomplish the Elokings Registration, you are given N300 as a bonus fee for signing up.

3.) Sponsored Post: Sponsored posts can be shared to your social media handle and you get N200 for doing so. Facebook is the most commonly used social media.

4.) Reading article: For any article you read, you are given N10

5.) Commenting: After reading an article, you can share your comment on the article. This gives you N5.

6.) Submitting Posts: Are you a writer? Make use of this opportunity. For any post you submit, you are given N50.

7.) Referral: This is the biggest way of earning. With each person you bring, you are given the sum of N600

For every individual you refer to join the income program you will get #600 I.e if you refer 100 people you will get #60,000 .

How to get paid as an ELOKINGS income program member ( ELOKINGS income review )

Elokings offer a simple payment method to its users which allow individual to withdraw their money to their respective bank account.

It is easy to earn when you referral. The minimum amount for referral is N5000 and it is done anytime and any day. For non referral, the minimum withdrawal is N8000 and you can request withdrawal on the 25th of the month.

If you want to make money online in easy ways you have to try this amazing earning program.

For questions and suggestion kindly drop it in the comment section below.

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