Family issue was the cause of our split not music issue ~ Psquare, Paul okoye opens up

By: Sarkolee / June 8th, 2022 / 22 views

Paul Okoye, a member of the iconic Nigerian music group Psquare, has disclosed the cause behind their 2017 breakup.

In an interview with media personality Joey Akan, Paul Okoye, now professionally known as Rude Boy, said the disbandment of P-Square was due to family concerns rather than music.

After an age-long feud, the music duo Peter and Paul Okoye, who dominated the Nigerian music market in the early 2000s, reconciled in November 2021.

Paul revealed that their breakup had nothing to do with music during a talk with Joey Akpan.

The comedian’s “AY Live” comedy show recently celebrated its 15th anniversary, and the brothers who reconciled a few months ago after an age-old feud appeared at the occasion.

He said :

It was a family issue, it had nothing to do with music. And because I respect family so much, I owe nobody any explanation.

In an Instagram post, AY praised the brothers, saying that his best desires and decision for the event were to see the brothers on the same stage, and he’s delighted it happened.

He went on to say that people must be separated in order to appreciate the significance of reuniting.

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