Femi Adebayo movie “Ageshinkole” wins 2022 best movie

By: Sarkolee / January 5th, 2023 / 15 views

Femi Adebayo movie “Ageshinkole” wins 2022 best movie

The best film of 2022, according to renowned Instagram critic Cinema Pointer, is “Ageshinkole,” which stars actor Femi Adebayo.

On Cinema Pointer’s list of the top movies of 2022, Ageshinkole came in first.

Best Films to Watch in 2022 Congratulations to all the winners! These are the films that delighted audiences the most in Nigerian theaters from January to December of 2022. While they were releasing the list, Cinema Pointer wrote.

The top films are listed below.

Ageshinkole (King of Thieves)

The Woman King



Obara M