Femi Kuti cries out as he reveals what Peter Obi supporters threatening to do with him [video]

By: Sarkolee / August 14th, 2022 / 40 views

The Labour Party’s (LP) Peter Obi’s fans allegedly threatened to set Afrika Shrine on fire because of the Nigerian Afrobeats singer Femi Kuti’s recent remark.


Remember that he had previously distanced himself from the Obidient movement and mentioned zombies in a post, but he later clarified that his remark had been misinterpreted.


Kuti claims that as a result of his post, Obi’s fans have attacked his family members and some have even threatened to set fire to the Afrikan Shrine because he reportedly referred to them as “zombies.”


He clarified the situation by claiming that all he had done was separate himself from the Obidients because he doesn’t tend to go along with the crowd.


The late Fela Kuti’s son claimed that for him, submission to authority simply meant that one would be instructed what to do without having free will.


The performer also discussed the friendship between Peter Obi and PDP presidential candidate Atiku Abubakar in a video that he released on his Instagram page, stating that it would still be strong if everything had gone as planned for all parties.

I’m too angry, I’m too sad and depressed to be ‘obedient’. How can anyone come up with that term? How can you be obedient? Me I can’t be obedient in this country. End SARS, Killings…,” he said

The Grammy-nominated rapper emphasized that he never called the fans of the former governor of Anambra “zombies.”


Additionally, he made it plain that he has never backed a political candidate and has no intention of doing so for Tinubu, Atiku, or Obi.

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