Former BBN Housemates Daniella reveals what attracted her to Khalid

By: Sarkolee / October 18th, 2022 / 33 views

Finalist for Big Brother Naija, Daniella Peters, discusses her attraction to Khalid, her ex-boyfriend, while living in the house.

Daniella provided an explanation for how she came to be attracted to Khalid while taking part in an interview with media personality Miz Vick.

She explained that she was drawn to Khalid because she saw in him the confidence she had never seen in herself.

She also understood that she might pick up a lot from him.

Before Khalid left the show, things were going well for the reality TV stars. On the show, Daniella was seen getting close to Dotun.

Daniella repeatedly reaffirmed her position with Khalid, but she could always feel herself slipping back into Dotun’s embrace.