Former BBNaija Star Tacha reveals what she does for a living [video]

By: Sarkolee / September 9th, 2022 / 19 views

Tacha, the “Pepper Dem” contestant on Big Brother Naija, has at last revealed how she earns the millions she enjoys.

The self-proclaimed first daughter of Port Harcourt claimed to work as an influencer full-time to earn her living.

Tacha boasted about how people in Lagos undervalue her despite the fact that she is a well-respected influencer for prominent companies.

The BBNaija 2019 participant claimed in a video she posted on her website that she had just a meeting with the medical center and that they were treating her “like egg.”

The vocal influencer claims that the businesses and brands she provides top-notch influencing for pay her in bucks after.

Despite the efforts made to link Tacha’s achievement to a guy, she declared that she would keep working and be proud of it.

She continued by saying that because of her reputation for consistently delivering on every task that is offered to her, people refer to her as the GOAT.

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