“Friendship is not about who came first” Actor Yinka Quadri break silence over his colleagues Madam Saje and Fali Werepe drama at his birthday party

By: Sarkolee / September 15th, 2022 / 26 views

Shortly after his veteran coworkers Modupe Johnson, also known as Fali Werepe, and Fausat Balogun, also known as Madam Saje, poured shade at his 63rd birthday party, veteran Nollywood actor Yinka Quadri posted a message about friendship on his social media page.

It was recalled that at Yinka Quadri’s 63rd surprise birthday party, Madam Saje and Fali Werepe nearly got into a fight. When the latter refuted Madam Saje’s assertion at the celebrity-studded party, the drama began.

At Yinka Quadri’s birthday party, Madam Saje was seen in a video criticizing a coworker during her speech.

Fali Werepe responded with an exclamation to Madam Saje’s declaration that she had known the celebrant for about 50 years in order to refute it.

Madam Saje claimed to be Fali Werepe’s senior in the Nollywood industry and took the response as an insult.

Fali, I senior you in this profession – let’s say it in public, I don’t talk too much, I am your Oga”.

Fali Werepe, who has no ill will toward the actress, claimed that she was merely drawing attention to her exaggeration.

I exclaimed “ahhhh!” and I know I wasn’t the only one when she mentioned she had been with Yinka for more than 50 years. Even though we haven’t worked in the field for 50 years, people are aware of when we first began filming.

Me and Abeni are friends, and we can’t fight, but we haven’t been in the industry for 50 years”.


Following this controversy, Yinka Quadri posted a picture of himself and his friends at an event. The seasoned actor pointed out that friendship is about those who came first, not those who came first and stayed.

He wrote: Friendship isn’t about who came first.. It’s about who came and never left… Anything is possible when you have the right people there to support you.