Groom captured in deep thought as his bride scattered the party with dance [video]

By: Sarkolee / August 4th, 2022 / 13 views

A popular video shows a groom absentmindedly thinking during the wedding reception while everyone else was having a great time.


The bride could be seen in the video showcasing her amazing dance moves while receiving encouragement from other women.


But as he sat on the chair, the groom appeared to be in a very different frame of mind, not smiling at all and seeming to be lost in concentration.


Netizens have speculated that the man is likely worrying about expenses to pay in response to the video.

ana_ish23 wrote: “He’s going through a lot”

oshiepissetzky wrote: “Bills dey ground to pay ur here dancing”

iniiobongkriistopher wrote: “this can never be my mood on my wedding day Abeg”

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