Grown Woman crying heavily after her boyfriend dump her [video]

By: Sarkolee / October 1st, 2022 / 60 views

A young woman from Nigeria was seen on tape sobbing hysterically after her boyfriend broke up with her.

She was supposedly dumped by the guy over the phone, but she was reportedly inconsolable.

She was shown in an online video berating him on the phone for breaking up with her and mentioning that he was the only man she was seeing.

She was sobbing while bemoaning his lack of conscience in ending their relationship despite the fact that he was the only male in her life.

She said that he would have been justified in ending their relationship if she had been double dating him.

The girl’s roommate, who was recording the girl’s sobs, could be heard begging her to calm down and stop moaning over a male.

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In reaction, poppingpops__ wrote; Beware of friends like this, why record her in a situation like this ffs

elmannygram; The only thing that can make us strong enough to withstand the hardship of this country is breakfast so let’s all collect it with love take it in good faith. Make all of us dey find Money dey go.

sarah_hugandsurprises; I can feel your pain sis ..most times I feel love is a scam ….it just a game taking it close to the heart will definitely hurt you and questions your standard 💔