He canceled our marriage 12 hours after we got married because of being a gay ~ Nigerian lady accuses her ex husband

By: Sarkolee / April 26th, 2022 / 112 views

A Nigerian woman who also happens to be a vlogger claims that her divorced husband is a gay guy and that their marriage terminated only 12 hours after they were legally married.

Chioma Igbojekwe, the lady, revealed on her Facebook page that her ex proposed to her precisely three years ago, and she agreed, believing he was “God sent” because he is a music director.

She went on to say that the claimed man told her it was over only 12 hours after their wedding. She then discovered that the man she’d married is a gay man who has been married to a man in the UK for years, according to her.

She also revealed that before marrying her, her ex showed her image to his supposed gay lover in order for him to approve of her. Her message drew some criticism from Facebook users, who accused her of leveling a false accusation on her ex-boyfriend.

Chioma Igbojekwe uploaded a three-hour video in 2021 describing how she came to the conclusion that her ex-boyfriend is gay. She re-posted the video on Monday, April 25, revisiting the subject and naming her ex-husband.

See her post below :

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