Herbalist call to arrest man who brought her daughter for money ritual [watch video]

By: Sarkolee / June 4th, 2022 / 28 views

Nana Adu-Boafo, a Ghanaian herbalist, has exposed a man who tried to use his daughter for money rituals.

The dad had brought his daughter to the traditionalist and requested that ritual rites be conducted on her life so that he could become wealthy.

However, Adu-Boafo, who publicized the story on his Facebook page, recognized the error in his request and covertly contacted Ghanaian authorities to have the man detained.

He recorded the moment he was detained and the girl was guaranteed of her safety, which he uploaded on social media.

The girl’s father claimed to have returned from abroad and had run into financial difficulties, according to the native doctor.

The herbalist said :

For the love of money, this man brought his own daughter to me as a traditional herbalist to kill this girl in exchange of money rituals for him.

I surprised him by inviting the Police for him. Next time, he won’t dare a Traditional Herbalist who is a Military man and a Chief.


Click HERE to watch the video

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