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Abdulgafar Abiola, popularly known as TheCute Abiola, is a renowned comedian who has been making waves on social media with comedy skits for years. He discusses his journey, motivation and the entertainment industry in an interview with ADEOLA OTEMADE.

What is your opinion concerning the proliferation of online comedy skits and accusations of shallow content as a result?


There are two sides to this. Some have chosen to go into comedy because that is the trend and path people are treading especially with the inordinate statistics of unemployment. As there are those making money through adverts, buying cars and flaunting on social their expensive lifestyles, it is only normal that many start to consider it. However, I am into comedy because of the passion I have for it. When I was in school, I had passion for it. I loved making people laugh, and when I started, it wasn’t for the money. I was doing it for passion and love, but as time passed and I progressed, I had people requesting for my account number in appreciation of what I had done. The first money I received was N10,000 and that was in 2016. Thank God for the journey so far, but I can’t deny that the prospect of money lured many into comedy.

Would you advise those doing comic skits with seemingly shallow content to keep on doing it or they should divert their attention into doing something else?

Not necessarily, I would advise them to keep going. They should continue as they can create a fan base for themselves if they can manage to be consistent with what they are doing even if everything seems uninteresting now. They should also be creative; they need to have a lot of contents because people won’t get tired if they produce relevant contents.

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How do you come up with your comedy skits? What motivates you?

I get inspired for the contents of my skits sometimes when I wake up in the morning. In some other cases, I draw contents from issues and happenings that go on in the society, on social media. Most of the time, though,I get my contents from the trends on social media.

From whom would you say you got this funny nature of yours?

I got it from my dad. My dad is extremely funny, he is funny by default. So, I got the funny side of him.

There was a time you said you were depressed. Are you still depressed or you are over it now? Yes, I am over it. I am happy. The depression taught me a lot of lessons: the most important being that whatever you are doing, find happiness in it. Sometimes, life turns its back on you, as the popular saying goes: life is not a bed of roses. But it is your responsibility to create and find for yourself happiness in whatever you do.

How do you manage yourself, considering the fact that you go to work and still come up with comedy skits?

I manage my time very well. I go to work from Monday to Friday. I use Saturday and Sunday to make my comedy skits, and I break them into bits, that I release weekly, so that I don’t run out of comedy skits to post. I am in the Navy because it’s what I love doing. I love playing football,  but I don’t really know how to play, and I love food.The only way a woman can win my heart is through food: amala with abula especially. I love singing as well, especially Fuji songs.

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Are you in a relationship?

I am in a relationship which I would describe as serious. It’s so serious that I might get married this year or early next year because I am the only child of my mum, and she wants me to get settled on time. In fact, I could get married any moment from now.

What should fans expect from you this year?

My fans should anticipate a lot of exciting stuffs from me. Top of it all is a movie project which will be released in the coming months. Also, I will be coming up with a Fuji band that will do more of hip-hop songs but it will be in Fuji style.

How has it been ever since you joined the entertainment industry?

To describe my journey in the entertainment industry as one full of challenges would be an understatement. Nevertheless, the truth is that in whatsoever you do, never think you are in a competition with anybody,. You just have to be yourself and be consistent. Some come into the industry for a while and they are fortunate to hit fame. After that, you hear nothing from them again. There are others too who manage to stay relevant for a while and there are others who are just average. They won’t move up and won’t go down. Above all, one should be consistent with things that will make one remain relevant.

Advice for Nigerian youths

My advice for them is to be hardworking. They shouldn’t spend lavishly. They should invest and take care of their parents. Life is not about living large, clubbing, buying expensive clothes, phones, and cars, but investing in oneself and planning ahead of time. Take care of your parents, and if you don’t have a parent, give out to the needy. The good you do to others will go a long way and would even come back to you.

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