How to Get a Free USA Number for Whatsapp, Telegram and PayPal Verifications

Getting a free USA number is of a Paramount importance. A USA number enables you to do so many things, for instance you carry out pay pal verifications and telegram verifications of which your normal line may not be able to do. A USA number is reliable and trustworthy and with a USA number you are sure of getting things done easily.
Benefits of Having a Free USA Number
1. More Privacy
2. Hide Your Number
3. A Free USA number enables you not to incurs charges
4. It enables you to create an account with an international number (+1) Series
How to Get Free USA Number
1. TextPlus App or 2nd Line App. You need to get a text plus app or 2nd Line app
2. Vpn App – (Anonytun Vpn, Windscribe Vpn, Psiphon Vpn, Express Vpn… Etc). Getting a VPN app speeds up the process easily. And you can get a VPN on your play store
1. Install TextPlus App , NextPlus ,TextNow, 2nd Line App – [Just Choose one]
2. Turn on your VPN to USA (Anonytun Vpn, Windscribe Vpn, Psiphon Vpn, Express Vpn… Etc)
3. Input any Email and Password
4. Verify Captcha
App doesn’t require any email verification. (Only Captcha Verification)
5. Select your area code
6. Now enjoy your free US number
Each and every time you open the USA number app make sure your VPN is connected to USA

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