How to give space in a relationship without falling apart

There are those moments when we feel we are rushing over things so fast that we feel we are

missing out. That is the moment we feel we need space.

Well, this can be pretty scary especially if it does not come from you. Nonetheless, seeking space in relationships is normal and healthy. When your partner asks for space, you need to be prepared to deal with it. It comes with anxiety, particularly because you do not want to lose them, and you have to keep that in check.
Here are some tips that will help you give them adequate space and even have you two coming back together for a stronger relationship.
Take charge of your fears
Being fearful is completely normal, however, you need to be able to control your fears and anxiety to be able to cope with giving space. Keep yourself from attempting to reconnect with your partner a day after you agreed to take time out. Try and maintain your sanity, no matter how difficult it gets, while your partner is having their time out to breathe. Your partner is not trying to hurt or push you away. Probably you both need the space to be able to start your relationship afresh.
Focus on yourself- Make use of the ‘me time’
Being in a relationship consumes up most of your time and you barely have your time alone. The break is also likely to feel long and lonely, you will have to get immersed in something to be able to pull through. During the break can be your perfect time. Follow up on a hobby and go holidaying alone and get your mind completely off the break. Focus on making you a better person and love yourself more.
Don’t obsess over the break
Other than spending your time thinking about the space, try thinking about other things. If you get obsessed over the relationships or the time you guys are taking apart, you will end up wanting to get back even before the time is right. If social media will be an issue then you can turn them off for a day or two if that will help you maintain your maturity during the break.
Give your partner space
Try not to think about being with your significant other. Take time to connect with friends, try new sports, stay late at work or do those things that make you happy. Take this as the time to prove to you that you can actually hold yourself together. You have to completely free yourself from your partner for as long as they need it.
Don’t be hard on yourself
The break is likely to open the ways for mixed feelings. Allow yourself to feel them but do not act on them. This way, you will not end up pilling emotions that would eventually break you down.
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