How To Share Your Data: For Glo, Airtel, 9mobile and Mtn Users

You know, they say “Sharing is Caring” that is why I will like to put you through on how to share your data, definitely it wouldn’t be a bad idea to share your data with friends and family.

Even if you aren’t the sharing type, you’d still want to know how to go about; just in case you change your mind, you can get on with it without stress.
The lucky thing is that it’s possible to share your data if you’re using either Glo, Airtel, MTN or 9mobile.
I’ll be showing you how to go about sharing your data if you’re using any one of the four networks.
For Glo user
If you’re a Glo user, then the codes to share your data are: 12701*friend Glo Number#.
You’d notice that the person you wish to share with, has to be on the same network as you.
If you wish to stop sharing, just dial 12702*friend Glo Number#.

For Airtel user
Airtel users who wish to share with friends would simply use the Airtel Smart Share.
The service allows you to share with friends in several ways; you could use it to buy data for a friend, or share data from your currently active data balance.
Just dial *141#, select from the pop-up menu: it says Data gifting and sharing.
After that, select either Data Gifting or Data Me2U to continue the process.

For 9mobile user 
It is equally easy to share if you are on 9mobile, all you have got to do is dial 229PINDataFriend’s 9mobile number#.
The default PIN is 1234, but you can change it by dialling 247Old PIN*New PIN#

For MTN user
Actually, MTN only just recently brought back the data sharing service, so you get to share MTN data with friends now.
Simply dial 1233#, and then reply the pop-up message with 7. You can either buy data for a friend, share your own data with her, or request that she shares her data with you.
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