I get money pass your papa ~ Singer Portable fires back at Goya Menor[video]

By: Sarkolee / September 7th, 2022 / 18 views

Disputes between controversial musicians Portable and Goya Menor have continued on social media.

When he won “Best Street-Hop” at the 15th Headies, Portable responded negatively and said he didn’t deserve the prize.

The Zazuu star boasted in a video he posted on social media that he had numerous successful songs that people are dancing to while Goya Menor has yet to release any music.

He characterized the Grammy-winning musician as little more than a hype guy who was falling for his own deception.

The Street-Hop winner commented on his Instagram page that he had more class than Portable after watching the clip.

He bragged that he nearly earned a first-class university degree, despite the fact that Portable was unable to locate his KG3 score. There is no place for a comparison between the two of them, according to Goya Menor.

After the message gained attention, the Zazuu star reacted with a video in which he insulted Menor.

He enquired as to whether the Ameno crooner’s certificate had aided in either his successful career or his ability to travel to the United States of America.

Since he decided to pursue a career in music, Portable stated that he has completed both his primary and secondary education.

He continued to lash out, claiming that he was both wealthier and more intelligent than both his father and Goya.

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