I spent 50K on Data every 5 days ~ Influencer Papaya ex reveals

By: Sarkolee / August 8th, 2022 / 35 views

Abike Arab Money, also known as Papaya Ex on Instagram, is a Nigerian influencer who has shared how much she spends each day and each week on data.

The self-proclaimed “large girl” bemoaned the fact that her weekly data subscription cost N50,000 but didn’t last very long.

In a series of tweets on Sunday night, Papaya Ex referred to it as a “daylight robbery.”

She also recalled the earlier times, when Nigerians could use 1GB of data every month, and it would not run out until the expiration date.

However, her message raised doubts among followers on the microblogging site, with some saying she was lying to gain popularity.

In response to trolls, Papaya continued by stating that she works online every day of the week, 24 hours a day.

The brand spokesperson also said that she does not get five days’ worth of data from the N50,000 plan, but she ultimately chose to say a week.

I can’t do this anymore 😢 I give up. 50k data in a week?? I miss days we use 1GB in a month please. What’s this daylight robbery 😭😭help!’‘

Lmaoo. Because I didn’t say 50k in 5 days? Mtchew. I use 10k every single day. I use internet 24/7, how much do you expect me to use😂 2k? Please please, y’all act ignorant blindly everytime on this app. Who doesn’t know 100k is the new 10k lately. Kmt abeg!