I trained Davido and B.red ~ Senator Adeleke Reveals

By: Sarkolee / July 17th, 2022 / 65 views

Senator Adeleke, Davido’s uncle, has acknowledged that his love of dancing does not get in the way of his responsibilities.

The politician went on to say that, because music is a big part of their family, he loves it when people refer to him as the dancing senator.

National entertainment centre for Nigeria go be in Osun.

Senator Adeleke, Davido’s famous political uncle, has frequently come under fire for his love of dancing, which many people believe makes him appear irresponsible. Adeleke confirmed that dancing is his hobby and that he is aware that there is time for everything in an interview with Arise TV.

The politician went on to say that he enjoys being referred to as the “dancing senator” and that his dancing has no bearing on any of his commitments.


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