I was charmed by lagos boys to use money met to buy mobile phone to buy nails and shoes ~ Mr macaroni tells in an interview [watch video]

By: Sarkolee / June 19th, 2022 / 18 views

In a recent interview with Kemz Mama on Pulse Lagos Fun Fact, the comedian revealed how he was captivated in a Lagos market and forced to buy shoes and nails instead of the phone he intended to buy. He claimed the incident occurred when Blackberry was popular.

Mr. Macaroni said that he went to a Lagos market to buy a Blackberry but met a man who promised to drive him to the store. On the way, a man suggested that he buy a shoe before purchasing a phone. Mr. Macaroni was taken aback at first, but he went ahead and bought the shoe.

After purchasing the shoe, the gentleman requested that he purchase nails to assist in keeping the shoe in place so that it would not spoil prematurely. Surprisingly, Mr. Macaroni also purchased the nails, despite the fact that his primary purpose was to purchase a phone.

He said that the money he spent on the nail was greater than the amount he spent on the shoes. Surprisingly, Mr Macaroni did not buy the phone at the conclusion of the day because he spent the majority of the money on those and nails.

Mr. Macaroni believes he was victimized by the charm because he returned home with only his shoes and nails after failing to purchase the phone.

Click HERE to watch the interview

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