I was never married ~ Actress Nkechi Blessing blows hot over being tagged by married woman

By: Sarkolee / August 21st, 2022 / 32 views

Actress Nkechi Blessing works in nollywood While addressing some complications relating to her prior engagement with the politician Opeyemi Falegan from Ekiti State, Sunday has been hot under the collar.

Gistreel adds that the actress first led followers to believe she was wed to Falegan throughout their courtship, and it is evident that they are still having trouble getting rid of the false belief even after the couple broke their engagement with a string of intense online arguments.

In a recent development, the actress blasted a TV station on her Instagram account for bringing up her prior relationship while reasserting the fact that she never wed anyone.

She continued by saying that she was just involved in what people mistook for marriage.

The script interpreter went on to say that she would have done all it took to make their relationship work if they had been married.

She wrote:

“I am going to say this for the very last time… I was never married to anybody, my mama no collect my bride price from anybody before she d*e, nobody paid a dime on my head, I was only in an open relationship that everyone tot was marriage, if I were to be married I would have done everything to make it work…Just today a st*pid TV station still made reference to my past relationship.. Abeg una no dey tire? What the actual fuck”