If your lady steals money from her parent for you, marry her ~ Relationship expert Reveals

By: Naijamedialog / May 4th, 2022 / 170 views

A renowned social media marriage and relationship guru has given men advice on the type of girlfriend they should have before turning to their bride.

If a man is dating a lady who steals from her parents and provides him the money, he should ‘marry her’ right away, according to the user @jon d doe.

If she also surreptitiously offers him money in public to pay for both of them, he believes it is a sign that she is wife material.


He wrote this on his page :

Are you dating a girl that has ‘stolen’ money from her parents to help you out before?

Are you dating a girl that’ll sneak food out of her home just so you can eat?

Are you dating a girl that’ll squeeze money into your hands so she doesn’t pay directly?

Make sure you wife her.


See his post below..

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