O people! Undoubtedly, from the terror and accountability of the Day of Judgement, the person who would attain the quick salvation will be the one who would have recited Salat upon
me in abundance.
(Al-Firdaus bima-Soor-il-Khitab, vol. 5, pp. 277, Hadees 8175  Recite Salat upon me in abundance, undoubtedly your recital of Salat upon me will be forgiveness for your sins.  (Ibn ‘Asakir, vol. 61, pp. 381)
Whoever recites Salat upon me one time, Allah   writes the reward of one Qeerat for him and one Qeerat is equal to the mount Uhud(Musannaf ‘Abdur Razzaq, vol. 1, pp. 39, Hadees
Undoubtedly, Allah   has appointed an angel to my grave who has been granted the ability to hear the voice of every creature. Hence, whosoever recites Salat upon me until the Day of Judgement, he [angel] presents to me that person’s name along with his father’s name [and] says: ‘So and so has recited Salat upon you this time.’ (Musnad Al-Bazzaar, vol. 4, pp. 255, Hadees 1425)
How fortunate indeed is the Salat reciter that his name along with his father’s name is presented in the blessed court of the Beloved Prophet .
This point is also a highly faith-enlightening here that the blessed angel appointed to the most sacred grave has been granted such a great power and ability of hearing that he can even listen the extremely slow voice of millions of Salat reciters across the world; imagine, when this is the hearing power of someone appointed to the blessed tomb for carrying out services then what will be the greatness and eminence of the Greatest Prophet Why will he not recognise his devotees and why would he not help them after listening to their pleas with the permission of Allah  Whoever likes this [thing] that Allah   is pleased with him when he is presented in the court of Allah   should recite Salat upon me in abundance. (Al-Firdaus bima-Soor-il-Khitab, vol. 2, pp. 284, Hadees 6083)
Perform Hajj. Undoubtedly, its reward is greater than participating in twenty Ghazwat1 and reciting Salat upon me one time is equal to that. There will be no shade on the Day of Judgment except for the Throne of Allah  . Three persons will remain beneath the shade of the Divine throne. It was humbly asked, ‘O the Beloved Prophet Who will be those people?’ The Prophet of Rahmah said, ‘(1) The one who relieves the distress of my Ummati (2) the one who revives my Sunnah (3) and the one who recites Salat upon me abundantly.(Al-Budoor-us-Saafirah, pp. 131, Hadees 366)

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