Isabelle – Chapter 1

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Isabelle by Joan lkponmwosa.


🌺 Isabelle 🌺
💕(Stuck in between)💕
Story ✍️ by Joan lkponmwosa
Chapter one 🌹🌹🌹
🌹 Isabelle 🌹

“Mum you don’t have to worry, l will definitely look for the money, am gonna make sure you are well again.”

“Isabelle, l don’t have much time left, moreover have spent all my savings in burying your father,all our relatives have diserted us, we are left with nothing my child.

I don’t want you to worry much about me, when l die don’t be too sad, l think this is my fate and your father is waiting for me over there.”

“Mom! what the f#c her you saying? Stop talking negative, please mom don’t die on me, why will you want to leave me alone in this world? Who is going to yell at me and tell me to stop swearing.
Mother please, be strong for my sake, you are going to be fine.”

The door creaked open and the doctor walked in.

He checked her pulse.

“Miss lsabelle! Can l see you for a minute?”

“Yes doctor.”

I followed him out of the ward.

“Miss lsabelle, your mother’s health is deteriorating.”

“Your earlier payment has expired, you have to pay for her treatment, the total treatment usually take about two years with the maintenance phase taking up most of the time, you have to pay quickly else we stop giving her treatment.”

“Sir please, l beg you save my mother.
Please l promise to pay everything just please don’t stop her treatment please l beg you.”

“Miss you have to understand, l can’t continue to treat her for free, you have to pay for treatment.”

“Have a nice day lsabelle.” He said and left.

Why is this happening?

What should l do now ?

Mother can’t die,how will they die and leave me all alone in this world?


I love you so much mother please don’t die l promise l will get the money for your treatment l murmured and cried.

“Isabelle, what did the doctor say?” Mother asked as l entered the ward.

“He said your health is improving” l lied.
“He said you have to stop thinking too much that you will be fine.”

“That’s good, l hv finally gotten some hope” She said.

“Yes mother stop worrying you have to be strong okay!”

“Let me go make something for you to eat, l will be back soon” l said and she nods.

I left the hospital dispirited.
How am l going to get the sum of 25,870 dollars.

For the first time in my life l entered a public transport with the little money l have left.

I got to Trescot enterprise and alighted.

This place is owned by my late father’s best friend.

He never visited , nor have l seen him since the day we buried my father.

I got to the reception.

“Good day ma’am am here to see Mr Robert” l told the receptionist.

“Give me a minute” she said and called him immediately.

“You can go in” she said after she hung up and dropped the telephone.

Have been here before,so l know my way around.

I got to Mr Robert office and knocked gently.

“Come in” came his deep manly voice.

I twisted the door knob and entered the office as l shut the door behind me.

“Good day Mr Robert” l greeted.

“Miss Lightwood, on what do l owe this honor? What brings you here?” He asked.

“Come sit” he said and points to the swivel chair opposite him.

I sat opposite him and he continued to type away in his laptop.

“Mr Robert l need your help” l said and he stopped typing and lifted his head to look at me.


“What can l do for you beautiful?”

“My mother is dying, please l need you to help me with some money and l promise to pay it back, please l beg you.”

“How much are we talking about?”

“25,870 dollars.”

“That’s quite a huge amount of money lsabelle.”

“Please help me for the sake of your relationship with my father, l promise to work hard and pay back.”

“How will l believe you can pay back such huge amount of money?”
“Your father was bankrupt before he died and you dropped out of college, how do you raise such huge amount of money?”

“Please Mr Robert, Am going to work hard and pay you back your money, l promise.”

“You see when your father was alive, have always admired you, for a long time now have admired you, now is a chance to express how l feel, how aroused l am when l stare at your round but and firm brest.”


“what the hell are you saying?”

“Stop swearing lsabelle, you know what I want” he said and trailed his fingers down my thigh.

“Stop it Mr Robert, for fuck sake you are my father’s fuc#ing Best friend,why are you doing this?’

“Just let me f#k that fucking pssy of yours and you wouldn’t have to fu#ing pay back” he mimicked.

“Am done here, to hell with your goddamn money.”

“Not so fast lsabelle”he said and gripped me aggressively.

“Your mother is dying remember” he whispered and trailed kisses down my neck.

“Stop it you old cunt, my mother will not die”l said and tried to free myself from his grip.

But he tightened his hold on me.

“Let go of me now!”l yelled but his hold tightened.

“Have always fantasized on drilling your tight pssy but l think my dreams will finally turn to reality, you going to enjoy it ” He said as he torn my shirt and kissed me aggressively.


I panicked.
I can’t let him have his way with me.

My eyes caught something on his desk.
A bottle of wine.
He was busy kissing me all over, l lifted the bottle and smash it hard on his head.

He screamed out in pain and let go of me.

“You bit#h” he snarled as blood ooze out from his head.

I quickly adjusted my dress and loosened my scarf to cover my body.

I ran to open the door quickly and ran out of the company as everyone stared at me wierdly.

I kept running till l reached a very long distance.

I heaved a sigh of relief and my breathing was rigid.

I have no money on me.
I will have to trek home.
I never imagined my life will turn out this way.
This is way too much, Mr Robert almost r#ped me.
I never new he was a shameless hypocrite.
It’s a pity my father adorned him so much.


Have been trekking for about an hour.
I need to get home quickly and prepare something for mother.

How can someone’s life change so drastically? I thought inwardly.

Finally, am close to my house, it’s getting late ,l have to prepare something and take it back to the hospital.

I walked through a bush path.
As l walked past the bush l heard whimpering.
It was like someone was moaning in pains.

I traced the sound, the more l traced it the more the voice became louder.

And my guess was right.

“Help me” he said feebly.
He looked expensive, handsome with deep blue eyes and he has an ear piercing.

“Who was after him?”

From what am seeing he was stabbed severally.


I stared intensely at him.
How can a guy be this fucking beautiful.
His he a god or an angel?

“Save me” he said and closed his eyes and he fell unconscious.

“Wake up” l yelled and tapped him slightly.

What should l do, l don’t have money l can’t take him to the hospital.

My hand touched something.
A necklace, his necklace.
I stared at it and gasped in surprise.
On the necklace was boldly written:
Connor Braxton.

The second heir to the Braxtons the third generation family.

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