Isabelle – Chapter 11& 12

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Isabelle by Joan lkponmwosa.


💕(Stucked in between)💕
Story ✍️ by Joan lkponmwosa
🌺 Chapter Eleven 🌺


💋 Isabelle 💋

“Come in” he said and drags me along and suddenly he missed his steps.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

“I don’t think so come see this l think l splined my ankle.”

I helped him to the living room and place his legs on my lap and massaged it.

“Ouch! It hurts” he kept saying.

I tried hard to control my self from laughing at his lame act, geez he sucks in acting.

I knew he was putting up an act.

I continued to massage his ankle, didn’t bother to look at him, because staring at him makes me nervous.

Mintues later l didn’t hear anything from him, l turned my attention from his legs to look at him.

Holly Molly! He slept off, just a massage and he is already asleep.

I helped him balance well on the couch, wish l had a phone l would have snapped him like this.
He is cute.
He is the true definition of beauty, how can someone be this good looking.

I trailed my hands on his face.

“Why do you have to be so good looking?” I murmured.
Anyways it’s a good thing l will get to see this beautiful face every day.

I left him in the living room .
Now, it’s time to explore.
I went round the house l kept gawking at every single thing.
Swears this place is awesome.

Why does he live here alone?
He was s damn rich he could have employed lot of workers at his Beck and call.

Non of my business, he has his reasons.

I wished l had a phone l would have taken some pictures and send it to Ariel.

I don’t even know how much is my salary.

My stomach rumbles!

Am hungry.

Okay where am l?
I don’t even know where l am.

How do l find my way back .
This compound is too large.

I started walking in circles .
My goodness! Don’t tell me am lost, l can’t take it not when am damn hungry.

Okay l need to try retrace my steps.
I finally go to a garden.
Yeah l did it l squealed.

I know my way from here.

I found the kitchen and the refrigerator was stocked with lots of food.
A woooow escaped my lips.
But from what am seeing this kitchen have not be used for a long time.

My stomach rumbles again.

Let me quickly make dinner.
I can’t just prepare food for myself alone.
I will make dinner for both of us.
No harm in trying he might eat it.

After cooking l served the dishes, comnor was still fast asleep .

I ate mine after eating l got bored.
What should l do?
I need to keep myself busy.
I stared at him sleeping peacefully.
He definitely going to develop body pains when he wakes up.




I felt a light tap on my shoulder and l felt another tap.

“What the hell! I yelled and sat up and saw Connor staring at him.

“Am sorry l was bored so l slept off”

“Don’t be come with me” he said.

I followed behind him and we got to a room.

He twisted the door knob and we entered.

Woooow this place is beautiful l said inwardly.

“Here will be your room from now on
Of you don’t like it l can…………..

“No way! I love it” l said and he smiled.

Those killer smile.

Alright tell me if you need anything he said and l nod as he turned to leave.

“Connor l called”and he turned to look at me.

” I made dinner, l don’t know if you will like it, it at the dinning l said nervously fiddling with my fingers.”

“Thanks lsabelle” he said and shut the door behind him.

Woooow woooow woooow, l squealed and jumped on my comfy bed.





🙄 Wyatt Braxton 🙄

“Sir you have a delivery.”

“Bring it in” l said.

“Yes boss.”

“Take this” l handed him the delivery. “you know what to do” l said.

“Yes sir.”

“Did Connor agree to engage Brielle before my birthday?”

“No he didn’t, but the way things are going he might do it because of Mrs Braxton.”

“That’s not a problem the engagement won’t hold l will make sure of that.

“Ok sir.”

“Good you may leave, oh no wait l have an assignment for you and you just have two weeks to give me every details.”

“Yes boss.”

“Find out who is behind the murder of Mr Lightwood lsabelle’s father, l heard he was well to do before he got murdered.
All evidence must be presented.”

“Yes boss.”

“Good, be careful on this one.”

“I will sir.”

“You may leave.”






🌺 Chapter Twelve 🌺

I woke up to the ray of sunlight.
and smiled at the thought of Isabelle.

Yesterday she made my favourite food without even knowing.

Such a nice lady.
Am going to have her no matter what.

I will make her fall in love with me.

I have to go to the office, l have a meeting by 7am prompt.

My family has the largest conglomeration in the USA and has a heir, am supposed to take over the family business.

Wyatt and l are half brothers and he is the firstborn which makes him the first heir.We have our own companies
Father didn’t allow us pursue how dreams.

I hate being an heir but what can l do?
I have to accept it and live on.

And as a heir we are supposed to present how fiancee on how twenty fifth birthday to prove we are responsible.


Wyatt was engaged before but l don’t really know what happened dad told him to look for a wife and never said what happened to the woman he was supposed to marry.

Am just twenty two and mom is telling me to get engaged to a pyschopath.

I wished l had a girlfriend , l.would have engaged her instead of Brielle.

Am a workaholic, my job first l don’t date and can’t use the time am supposed to work for some unnecessary dates.
The truth is l don’t have interest in women.
There attitude sucks.

But lsabelle just lsabelle she is different.

I came out from the bathroom and dried my hair and got dressed in my work attire.

You must be wondering why l stay alone, well l don’t have a reason l love being alone.

I don’t eat at home, l order meals before and after work.

I got to the living room and the aroma of food greeted my nostril.

Hmmmm smells good.

I could feel my leg taking itself to the dinning 😁


I got to the dinning and uncovered the food.
This food is tempting.

I dropped my briefcase and settled on a seat l saw a note on the table it says:

“Please eat before you leave, am in my room call me if you need anything.”

I smiled and started eating hmm yummy, she is indeed a good cook.

But she has to stop cooking this is not why she is here.

I will employ a cook as Soon as possible.

I ate slowly l still have 40 minutes to catch up with the meeting.

After eating, l can’t just leave l have to say thank you.

“Isabelle! I called.

“Coming” she said and came out from her room.


Geez! What’s she wearing, the cloth is decent but those curves couldn’t hide themselves.

I gulped as my eyes roamed her body.

“You called me.”

“Yeah thanksp for the meal.”

“Don’t mention! She said and smiled shyly.

“Please don’t stress yourself with cooking, l will get a cook immediately.”

“No you don’t have to , l love cooking and besides l don’t have anything doing for now.”.

“No l insist, am getting a cook okay, you will have someone to talk to while am away.”


“Don’t get bored okay, keep yourself busy am leaving.”

“Have a nice day.”

“You too lsabelle” he said and left.



☹️ Brielle ☹️

Today l want to surprise Connor.
I order one of the maids to prepare something l heard he always ordered for food.
So l want to surprise him with home made meal.

I have to make him love me no matter what.

“Celine, put the food flask in my car” l told one of the maids.”

I entered my car and the chauffeur drove me to Connor’s company.

I alighted and entered the building.
The workers here respect me alot cause they think l and Connor are dating.

I got to the reception and was informed Connor was in a meeting.


I will just have to wait for him l murmured and made to go to the office.

“Ma’am you can’t go in without his permission”the receptionist said and l glared at her and walked away.

Who is she to tell me what to do?
When l get married to Connor l will make sure she gets fired🙄

I got to his office and dropped the flask on his desk and sat on the swivel chair opposite his desk waiting patiently for him.

Mintues later the door creaked open and he walked in as handsome as ever.

“Hi baby! I said and ran to hug him but he pushed me off slightly.

“If that’s how to say good morning,
Good morning to you too” he said and l huffed.

He sat and started typing away in his laptop.

“Baby l brought food for you” l said.


“And what happened to calling me Connor am not a baby, stop calling me that” he said.

He always have a way to piss me off.

“Here! You have to eat before you continue working” l said.

“Thanks have already eaten” he said not sparing me a glance.

“Babe you have to eat something” l cooed.

“I said have eaten already and you please be quiet am finding it hard to concentrate.”

“Alright! l will keep the food in the fridge you can have it for lunch” l said and kept it inside the fridge in the office.

“Thanks you may leave now” he said.

“Baby l wanted to spend some time with you” l said.

“Here is an office Brielle, leave l need to concentrate.”

“Fine! Am leaving l won’t disturb you but please don’t forget to have lunch” l added.

I came out from the office and was about to enter my car, when someone stopped me.

A young man was wearing a hoodie and glasses.

“How may l help you?”
I asked pissed.

“My boss wants to talk with you” he said.


“And who is your boss? tell him to go to hell” l yelled.

“Oh really?” I heard the familar voice.

“Wyatt! I gasped in fear.
Oh no am good as dead.

“Wyatt why are you here?”

“Brielle long time no see, he said and smirked.”

“Now be a good girl, tell your chauffeur to go home and follow me while am still asking nicely” he said.

“Am done for.”




What does Wyatt want with Brielle?

Your thoughts below.


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