Isabelle – Chapter 14 & 15

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Isabelle by Joan lkponmwosa.


💕(Stucked in between)💕
🌺 Chapter Fourteen 🌺
Story ✍️ by Joan lkponmwosa



💕 Connor Braxton 💕

My driver increased his speed and there were shot out already.

I sighed and ran my hand through my hair in frustration.

Every month people lose their lives because of me.

I got to change my bodyguards often because the former ones are all dead.

What baffles me is l never got to find who is behind this, no matter how hard l try, no matter the investigations being carried out, this same thing happens again and again.

What wrong have l done?
Who wants me dead so badly?

I rested my head on my knees and covered my eyes.

This has to stop , l can’t continue risking people’s lives, they are humans like me.

“Sir this isn’t good, we have to ask for backup” a bodyguard said.


“The others are dead, they are pursuing us.”

Damnit! I should just die already and stop those innocent people from getting killed.

The shot out continued, they started shooting at my car but it bullet proof.

And in a swift second, a car maneuvers
and was right in front of us, and another at how back, we were surrounded.

“Sir you have to come with me.”

“What, we are surrounded what are you saying? let’s just remain in the car it’s bullet proof anyways.”

“Sir look at this” a body guard pointed.

My face turned pale immediately.

A bomb?

How did this get in my car?l asked no one in particular.

It started beeping and counting.

“Sir, we just have 2mintues to escape before the bomb explode.”

“How do we escape when we are surrounded, we will a die if we step an inch from this car.”

“There should be a way, 1mintue twenty seconds remaining.”

“Come with me Mr Connor” the driver said again and l stared at him perplexed.

“If you don’t survive this Mr Braxton is still going to kill us anyways so we rather do everything to protect you so we have a good reason to die.”

“No please l don’t want anyone dead” l protested.

“Sir, we will be fine, it’s our duty to protect you” they said.

“23 seconds remaining, we are coming out you know what to do” the driver said to the body guards and they nod.

“Here is your bullet proof verse put it on” they said and handed it to me and l wore it immediately.

16 seconds remaining.
And that was how l was dragged down from the car.

Immedaitely they were shot out and my bodyguards covered me so at my front others at my back.

My driver took my hand seeing they were distracted shooting at it each other and we started running through a bush path.

And we heard the sound , my car exploded.

“Mr Connor hasten up they are coming after us.”

We started running into the bush.

Has l ran, my mind wandered to the bodyguards.

Did they die?

Why do they have to lose their lives because of me?

“Hurry up” the driver said.

We kept running, am damn tired.

We v’e been running non stop , arrrgh l screamed as l slipped and fell on thorns.

Fuck! I cussed as blood ooze out of my left arm.

The driver helped me up quickly.

“Am sorry Mr Connor.”

Am sorry,am sorry he kept saying.

“It isn’t your fault” l said and hissed in pain.

“We have to hide” he said and tore his shirt using it to tye my arms.

This is what l hate, people sacrificing so much for me, treating like a god or something.

He kept dragging me along, we found a safe place to hide, and l slumped to the ground tiredly.

“Thanks Mr ” l told my driver l don’t even remember his name.

*. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *.

Hours later, the man sat quietly.

I knew he might be thinking about how we are going to find our way home.

“When l don’t return home tonight, they will know something happened and my father will send his men to our rescue” l assured him while staring at my necklace.

“Let me see, if l can get some fruits for us to eat” he said.

“No, l won’t eat that, it’s dirty, you can get some for yourself, l will be fine” l said and he nods.




💋 Isabelle 💋

It’s late already and Connor is yet to arrive, this is unlike him.

He is always home early.

To be honest, am worried sick.

I don’t know why am getting scared by instinct is telling me something is wrong some where.

I pray he comes back tomorrow cause l want to take permission to go see Mom tomorrow and show Ariel my new phone.

What if he was attacked?
Or badly injured?

No l should stop thinking negatively, he will be fine, it hasn’t even been more than a month since the last attack.

Who is after him?
I don’t even have his number for fuck sake.

I heard a knock on the door and l was distracted.

Who could that be?
Has Connor arrived already.

I twisted the door knob and l saw the new cook standing akimbo.

“What?” I asked clearly irritated by her position.

“How can you sleep so peacefully when l don’t even know where to sleep” she asked and l chuckled.

This is hilarious, from the very first time l saw her dressed like a slut l knew she was trouble.

“The last time l checked, the owner of this house is yet to arrive, so what the fuck are you blabbing about?” l asked and she scoffed.

Wow! She v’e got attitude.

“Cocabella or Mirabella or whatever you call yourself, you and l are workers here, one can’t be sleeping peacefully while the other isn’t” she said and pushed past me into my room.

“Get your fucking decayed self out of my room now” l raised my voice for the first time.

“Sorry Missy am not living, we sleep here together”she said and l chuckled.

“Okay but as the owner of the room, am not comfortable sleeping in the same room with you so fuck off.”

“Am going nowhere, she said and sat on the bed.”

“Fine , l will live the room for you, l said and started packing my stuffs.”

“Wait” she said.

“I will leave” she said as she glared at me.

Wow! Connor got me the best companion ever
l said sarcastically.




🙄 Wyatt Braxton 🙄

I sat on the balcony smoking cigarettes as usual waiting for the news about Connor’s death.

“Boss there is a report.”

“Speak” l said in anticipation.

“Sir, Mr Connor escaped.”

“What the fuck are you saying asshole? I yelled and punched him striaght on the face.

“Sir please” Philip begged and l let go of the mother fucker who was bleeding already.

“Sir, am sorry we chased after him but he managed to escape.”

“He was supposed to be burnt to ashes, get lost
you all are bunch of idiots” l yelled angrily.

“Boss it’s time we go for the second plan” Philip said.

“Yes” l said trying to calm my nerves.

“About the murder of Mr Lightwood have you found anything?”

“Sir am still working on it.”

“Good be fast about it.”

“The sextape of Brielle should be kept safe, that’s going to be my weapon against her.”

“Yes boss.”


“Connor am going to stab you so deeply the way you lest expected.”




Thank God Connor is safe.
What do you think of Wyatt and the new cook?

💕(Stucked in between)💕
🌺 Chapter Fifteen 🌺

💕 Connor Braxton 💕

I woke up as l heard the beeping of my necklace.


Thank goodness! They are tracking us already.

My driver was still fast asleep.

My arm hurt like hell.

I can’t believe l slept on the ground.

My body ached and am catching a cold.

My driver coughed slightly and opened his eyes slowly.

Now, l was shivering terribly.

“Mr Connor, you are burning up” my driver said as he stood up to remove his jacket and covered me with it and l gave him a small smile.

“What should we do?” He said as he paced to and fro worriedly.


I wanted to tell him to calm down that they are tracking us already but words refused to come out from my mouth.

I just rested my head on my knees as l shived terribly.

Minutes later
I could hear distant voices.

“Mr Connor do you think they are still after us?” My driver asked clearly frightened and l shook my head.

“We found them, Mr Connor, Mr Connor” they called and rushed to me.

They carried me gently into the car and my driver sat beside me.

“Please be quick, take him to the hospital please be fast” my driver said worriedly.

“Don’t dare, take me home” l said faintly.

“But Sir ……. They tried to protest.

“Take me home” l said one last time with a tone of finality and everything went blank.




💋 Isabelle 💋

I paced up and down my room, it’s morning already and Connor is yet to return.

I stared at the phone on my hand.

I wished l had his contact l thought, but was distracted by the beeping of my phone.

It’s a new phone who could have sent me a text.

I scrolled through the message
It read:

“Good morning beautiful
Wouldn’t it be rude not to say a thank you?
Meet me at Frendi by 6pm let’s have dinner together.
Just see it as a way of saying thank you.”


Holy hell! He has my contact.

Frendi by 6pm
It’s just a dinner, l wanted to say thank you anyways.

I tossed my phone aside and walked out of my room and l saw Barbara.


“Food is ready” she said and l huffed.

There is no way l will eat her food.

Her food will definitely taste has bad like her.

I entered the kitchen, l should make something for myself.

This past few weeks have been doing nothing.


So much for being a personal nurse.

I wore an apron.
I should make pancakes for myself.
That’s what l feel like eating right now.

“Why are you cooking?” Barbara asked as she entered the kitchen.

“I said food is ready” she said and l scoffed.

“I never said l was deaf, besides l am not the one who employed you to cook, so why are you making a fuss?”

“Fine! Whatever suit yourself” She said and stormed off.

Fucking cunt l cussed under my breathe.

Half way through my pancakes l heard noise coming from the living room.

I left the pancakes and rushed to the living room to see what’s happening.

Getting there, My eyes widened and my body trembled as l saw Connor unconscious with blood oozing out of his arm.

I stood gawking at him in confusion and worry.

“Aren’t you his nurse?”

One of the men holding him said.

Earth to Isabelle l mentally scolded myself.

“Yes! yes! Am coming” l said and dashed inside.

I came out with a few equipments and a first aid kit.

“Come with me” l told the people holding him.


“You can leave l will take him from here” the man who spoke earlier said.

“Please tell Mr Braxton he is at the hospital” he said and they nod in understanding.

I helped him take Connor to his room, this is the first time have been to his room and it’s awesome.

I put him in a recovery position, making him lie face up.

“Please put off the air conditioner” l told the unknown man.

I think he is close to Connor.

I checked his airway breathing and circulation and it was okay.

Thank goodness!

I cleaned his wounds and fixed a drip on him.

I had to keep him warm but first l have to make him wake up on time.

I raised his legs at least 12 inches from the bed and did it continuously till l was certained it’s okay.

I opened the windows and curtains to allow air to come in.

I had to remove his clothes, but l feel damn nervous.


Why am l feeling shy a of a sudden this isn’t the first time have seen him half naked.

I took a deep breath and started to undress him gently.

My face flushed as l remove his belt.

Jesus! What am l thinking?

I tossed his clothes aside, and l felt he was getting warmer.

The time l was through,l couldn’t find the unknown man.

I sighed as l sat on the bed and
stared at Connor.

I can’t help but pity him.

Why are they after such a good man?
What did he do wrong?
Connor is the most humble person have ever seen.

I thought rich folks were arrogant but he proved it wrong.

He looks so cute, beautiful when he sleeps.

I hope he wakes up soon.

I bend slowly and kissed his forehead.

The door burst open and a lady came running in.

“Connor! My goodness Connor what have they done to you?
What did they do to my son?”
She yelled and started crying.

His son?

She is Mrs Braxton?

Connor’s mother, but she is so young and beautiful.

I get it l just met Mrs Braxton in person.

She raised her tear filled eyes to look at me.


“Who are you? And why are you here?”
She asked clearly irritated.

“Am lsabelle Connor’s personal nurse” l said and she frowned.

Okay! This isn’t good.

“You mean you touched my son? ” He asked as she eyed me downwards.

“I had to help him recover” l said and she glared at me.

“This is unbelievable, Connor had to employ a troll, a commoner to treat him!”

That really got to me.
Is it that obvious that am a commoner.


“Isn’t he afraid you might infect him or something” she further said and tears welled up in my eyes.

“Leave us” she said.

I obediently stood up and left the room.
I met the unknown man in the living room.

I rushed past him and headed to my room.

The only thing l need right one is to cry my eyes out.
I just want to bury my face in the pillow and let it all out.


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