Isabelle – Chapter 16

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Isabelle by Joan lkponmwosa.


💕(Stucked in between)💕
🌺 Chapter Sixteen 🌺
Story ✍️by Joan lkponmwosa

Isabelle 💋

I used the pillow to cover my ears
Who are those disturbing my sleep?

Why are they shouting?

“Mom she is staying” l heard Connor’s voice.

Holly hell! I just heard Connor speak.

I got up quickly and checked the time.

It’s noon already.
Have slept for hours Leaving my patient.

I recalled what Mrs Braxton told me and for some reasons l just wanted to remain in my room.

But l have to go check up on Connor.

The noise continued and l heard Connor’s voice again.

“Goddamnit! He cussed and l rushed out.

I ran all the way to the leaving room.

I halted as l saw Mrs Braxton, Barbara, Connor, the unknown man and a fake blonde staring at me.

Barbara, Mrs Braxton and the blonde were giving me a wierd look.

“Here she comes” the blonde said and l blinked.

What’s happening?
Why are they staring at me like am a criminal?

Connor sighed and he run his hand through his hair in frustration.

His expression shows he his definitely tired from whatever argument they were having.

Wait, why is Connor here?
Isn’t he supposed to be in bed recovering.

What kind of nurse am l?
Allowing my patient to be having a heated argument.

“Hmm Connor how are you feeling?
Can you please go back to bed , l still have to attend to you, you are not supposed to be here” l said staring directly at him.

“Come with me lsabelle” Connor said and stretch his hand to take mine.

“Don’t you dare” Mrs Braxton said and the blonde chuckled.

I stood frozen on the spot.

“Mom please stop this” Connor said feebly.

“Hmm, l will go get your medicines” l said in an attempt to leave.

“Stop right there you troll” Someone said and l turned to see the fake blonde glaring daggers at me.

“Connor why did you employ a commoner, she might pass you some kind of disease or something.”

“Shut up Brielle” Connor said to the blonde and she kept quiet.

“Mom please leave, am tired of arguing, it’s my house, she stays and that’s final” Connor said and took my hand and turned to leave.

So l’m the reason for the argument.

“Wait! Mrs Braxton said and we turned to look at her.

“I know you hate going to the hospital,l will send a doctor over, you have to be treated properly not some quack treatment.”

“Am fine mom, thanks for your concern” Connor said and kissed her forehead.

“You have to leave, l won’t tolerate you staying here, l hate your guts” the blonde spat out and Connor glared at her.

“Aunt she has to leave, look at her, she is too curvy what if she’s here to seduce Connor” she said and l rolled my eyes.

“You see it aunt she just rolled her eyes at him.”

“Let’s leave Brielle, l will handle this” Mrs Braxton said and the blonde gave me one last look before leaving.

I released the breath l didn’t know l was holding.

Connor left immediately and l was left with Barbara.

“Hello commoner”she said mockingly but l ignored and walk past her heading to Connor’s room.




I got to Connors room and knocked gently.

“Come in” he said.

I entered swiftly and saw him lay on the bed with his eyes closed.

“Am sorry l slept off before you recovered.”

“How you feeling?”
“How is the injury, does it still hurt?”

“Am fine Isabelle, thanks for taking care of me” he said.

“It’s my duty” l said and his face turned pale.

“Connor are you okay?” Are you feeling pains?” I asked worriedly.

“Am fine” he said.

“Can you please help me take this off?”
He said and pointed to his shirt.

How did he put it on in the first place?

I started to unbutton his shirt slowly and anytime my hands brushed his skin, l can feel him tense up a bit.

“Are you okay? I asked and he nods.

I pulled off the shirt gently and my eyes were greeted with his broad chest and well toned skin.

I gawked at his body in admiration,l wish l can run my hands through them.



💋 Connor Braxton 💋

I was really disappointed when she said it was her duty to take care of me.

I watched as her eyes roamed my body.

“Isabelle! I called and she flinched.

So much for having a nice body l muttered but l think she heard as her face turned red.

“Come here.”


“Come closer lsabelle.”

“You mean l …….. Should come closer?”
She said and flipped her lashes repeatedly.

Goddamnit! Is she trying to seduce me, am so turned on by that simple act.

She started taking slow strides towards me.


She sat gently and l smiled

She looked like she was fighting a million battle within herself.

“Look at me” l said and she stared at me shyly.

“Help me take this off” l pointed to my earrings.

He has two piercings on both ears she murmured but l heard it.

“You don’t like them?” I asked.

“No! I was just saying it looked good on you? ” She said and chuckled.

“You mean l look good” l teased and her face flushed.

“Don’t l look good lsabelle?”

“Yes you are beautiful” she said and covered her mouth quickly like she said something forbidden.

“Am a guy lsabelle.”

“Yes l mean you are cute.”

“Just cute?” l asked.

“Goergous, pretty and sexy.”

“Pretty and sexy” l said and chuckled.

“No l didn’t mean it that way l…….

“It’s okay lsabelle l get it am pretty and sexy” l said and winked at her.

Why are you not wearing earrings?
I don’t like women with bare ear?

“Really” she asked and her face fell.

“I will get one today” she said and l laughed.

“You want to wear it for me?” I asked.

“No l don’t just want you to dislike me.”

“Really? I can never dislike you lsabelle.”

“Turn around” l said and she obeyed.

“I collected the earrings from her and wore it on her ear.”

“Now you look pretty and sexy” l said and her face flushed.

“Thanks Connor” she said.

“Not accepted.”


“What should l do?”

“I need a Peck on the cheeks ”

But l …..

“Just give me a Peck lsabelle.”


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