Isabelle – Chapter 17 & 18

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Isabelle by Joan lkponmwosa.


💕(Stucked in between)💕
🌺 Chapter seventeen 🌺
Story ✍️ by Joan lkponmwosa

💋 Isabelle 💋

Okay lsabelle, you can do this.
I said inwardly.

I moved close to him and stared at him shyly.

“It’s just a Peck lsabelle or you were expecting more than that” he asked.

“No l will do it now” l said and my lips landed on his cheeks.

I froze in place, and my lips remained on his cheeks.

What am l even doing?
Who pecks someone this long?

I pulled away slowly and a smile curved on his lips.

“You did great, l have something for you ” he said and got up.

“Wait Connor, hmmm l want to tell you something.”

“Okay” he said.

This is it l feel extremely nervous when around him.Am not myself when am around him.
The bold and daring lsabelle is gone when am a bit close to him.

“Isabelle, am listening” he said jolting me from my thoughts.

“I want to go see my mom at the hospital, l said fiddling with my fingers.”

“It’s fine Izzy, you can go see her.”


“You don’t like it?”

“No it’s just that is only my mom and best friend that calls me Izzy.”

“But it’s fine if l call you lzzy, or do you want me to call you pretty and sexy?”he said and l blushed hard.

“No you can call me lzzy” l said and he smiled.

“Okay lzzy, l will tell my driver to drop you off at the hospital.”

“Thanks Connor.”

“I have something for you” he said and left then came back mintues later.

“Here, you can open it.”

I opened it and gasped.


“You don’t like it.”

“My goodness! l love it” l squealed.

From what l heard this phone cost more than 300,000 dollars, much better than the type Wyatt bought for me.

I felt guilty all of a sudden.
I shouldn’t have collected a phone from Wyatt.

How will l tell him, his brother got me a phone already?

“If you don’t like it, l can get you another one” he said probably because of my silence.

“I love it Connor, thank you so much but this is too much, am just…………

“Shush” he said and placed his finger on my lips.

“You are not just anyone lsabelle, soon enough you will know what you mean to me, now go get dressed you have to visit your mom remember.”

“Yes thanks Connor.”

I stood to leave.

“Wait you can’t just live like that.”

He got up and walked towards me without breaking eye contact and l closed my eyes.

His he gonna kiss me?
For some unknown reason l was excited and l felt his lips land on my cheeks.

Holy hell! He just gave me a peck! I stood frozen to the ground and was slightly disappointed.

I was expecting more than that.

What am I even thinking?my Head is so fucked up right now.

“You can leave now” he said and l scurried away.

I ran to my room and stared at my reflection in the mirror, l kept touching my cheeks repeatedly, why does he have this kind of effect on me?

I took one last look at the phone and again l stood in awe.

This phone cost so much and how could he waste so much on me, am just his nurse right?

Keep your thoughts together lsabelle, l scolded myself .

I dressed casually and l tyed my hair in a messy bun.

I came out of my room and met Barbara in the living room.

“And we’re is the commoner going?” She mocked.

Breathe Isabelle don’t let it get to you
I mentally scolded myself.

I ignored and left the house slamming the door hard.


The chauffeur was already waiting for me.

I got in the car and we headed to the hospital.

I was feeling elated, l missed mom alot and am excited l will see her soon.

After the long drive we arrived at the hospital.

I entered the ward and found Ariel and mother chitchatting.

“Mom! Ariel! I called and they turned to see me and squealed excitedly and Ariel came and engulfed me in a hug.

“Ariel l can’t breathe” l said and she let go of me.

I walked up to mom who was watching the scene and smiling brightly.

“Mom l missed you l said and pecked her on both cheeks.”

“I miss you more my dear, how are you doing, is the job okay? How are you coping?”

“Mom, enough of the questions okay,as you can see am perfectly fine” l said and she smiled.

“I got a new phone too, we can communicate frequently from now on” l said.

“That’s good lsabelle, am so proud of you my dear”

“You got a new phone, where is it?” Ariel asked curiously.

I winked at her to shut the hell up, because l don’t want my mom to know about the Braxtons, at least not now.

“Mom, how are you feeling?” I asked.

“Never been better” She said and l smiled in relief.

“Ariel thank you for taking care of mom” l said.

“Don’t mention, l gat your back” she said and l smiled.

After spending sometime with Mom and Ariel, l went to the doctors office.

I knocked gently.

“Come in” he said and l entered.

“Good day sir” l greeted.

“Isabelle, how are you doing?”

“Am good doctor, please how is my mom’s health?”

“She is recovering fast but she still has to stay for a long time like l said before the treatment takes up to two years but since she is responding fast to treatment l can guarantee she will be fine in a year.”

“A year? ”

“Alright doctor please take good care of her, please you know she is the only one have got.”

“I will lsabelle, it’s my duty.”

“Thanks doctor” l will leave now.


(Story written by Joan lkponmwosa)

🌺 Chapter Eighteen 🌺

After leaving the hospital,l told Connor’s driver to take me to FRENDI

That place is way too classy for someone like me.

I told the chauffeur to wait for me in the car.

I got down and entered the restaurant, it was already six ten pm.

Have already made up my mind to reject Wyatt’s proposal.

I just came here to say thank you and that’s all.

“Over here ma’am” a lady said and took me to seat at the extreme.

I sat quietly staring at the restaurant, have passed by this place severally but never got in, never knew it was so beautiful and well decorated.

“Isabelle” l heard the familar voice, and l lifted my head and my eyes met his.

He was dressed casually wearing a hoodie, l guess so know one will recognize him.

“Good evening Sir” l greeted as he settled on the seat opposite mine.

There is something about him, that makes me uncomfortable.

He has this dangerous aura around him.

“Stop being formal lsabelle, thanks for honoring my request.”

“I should thank you instead, am grateful for the gift you got for me.”

“Thank you very much.”

“Don’t be too polite lsabelle, you sold your phone because of my brother, it’s not a big deal.”

“You must really love your brother” l said he chuckled.

“Yes lsabelle l love him, he is my brother l should love him” he said nonchalantly.

“You work for Connor now?” He asked and l nod.

“How interesting.”

“Am sorry but l can’t accept your request” l said and he chuckled again.

“Don’t be lsabelle, you clearly choosed Connor over me.


“Let’s not spoil the mood” he said and ordered the waiter to bring some wine.

“Drink lsabelle.”

“Thanks,but l don’t drink,am allergic achol” l lied.

“Oh l see!

“I want us to be friends lsabelle.”


“Yes friends, l don’t bite miss Lightwood, l just want us to by friends that’s all” he said and stretch his hand to take mine.

“Hmm friends, yeah friends” l agreed and took his hand.

“Thanks lsabelle.”

“So l heard your father was murdered.”

“Am l right lsabelle? we are friends now you don’t have to hide it” he said and l nod.

“He was well to do and suddenly got bankrupt and murdered.”

“Yes he was murdered in cold blood” l said as l recalled what happened that night.

The night l last saw my father.
The night my father was murdered in cold blood.
The night my suffering began.

(Flash back)

“Welcome daddy”

“Isabelle were is your mother?”

“Mom isn’t home dad, what happened daddy you look so worried and why are you sweating? Is the air conditioner in the car bad?”

“No sweetie, come with me we are traveling, we need to leave right now.”

“But Dad we can’t just leave like that l have to pack some things and beside mom isn’t home.”

“Listen lsabelle, just come with me okay.”


“Am coming dad let me go change l can’t leave in shorts.”

Minutes later

“Dad am ready.”
“Dad where are you?”

“Daddy” l called and saw dad in the living room in the pool of his blood.

“Dad, dad! nooooooooolllllll
I screamed.

Please Daddy please Daddy don’t die.

Mom! mom! where are you ?

Daddy please don’t die
I cried.

(End of flash back)

“Let’s make a deal lsabelle.”
“To start, let me say this.”

“I have evidence and know the person behind the murder of your father.


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