Isabelle – Chapter 19 & 20

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Isabelle by Joan lkponmwosa.


💕(Stucked in between)💕
🌺Chapter Nineteen 🌺
Story✍️ by Joan lkponmwosa


☹️ Brielle ☹️

I sat on the couch waiting anxiously for Barbara’s arrival.

The door creaked open and she walked in as goergous as ever.

Gosh! She dressed to kill, l hope she doesn’t dress like this in front of my Connor.

“Hey babes” she called and bite her lips seductively and kissed me lightly on the lips.

Shocked right?

Well this is my secret.
Am Bisexual, am interested in both men and women.

Wierd right.

But l love Connor so much and can do anything to have him all to myself.

This is my secret and and somehow Wyatt got to found out about it and even caught me having sex with a female.

And that’s what he v’e been using against me.

Barbara’s hand greased my thighs bringing me back to reality.

“Hey relax okay! We are going to have lots of rounds but firstly tell me what you found out.”

“Well, well, well there is nothing much.

But she is not just any commoner her father was well to do before he died and l heard he was a lawyer too and her mother is at the hospital fighting for her life.

“Tsk! what a sad story,l feel like crying” l said sarcastically.

“To be honest, that girl is innocent and those killer curves l can’t get my eyes off it.”.

“Barbara” l called slightly disappointed.

“What? You love Connor remember, so stop yelling as if we are committed l can mess around with who l like and how l want it.”

“Yeah! Yeah l got it but she isn’t a lesbian Barbara be careful.”

“Barbara do you think Connor likes her?”

“Yes” she said nonchaly.


“I just said yes Brielle.”

“You are joking right, just tell me you are joking.”

“Am not joking Brielle, am not joking okay from what l saw yesterday, it’s definitely not likeness it’s love in the air .”

“Barbara just say it already, what really happened? What did they do?”

“Enough okay! They did nothing but after you left with Mrs Braxton, lsabelle went to Connor’s room and came back with her face flushed and Connor’s earrings dangling beautifully on her ears.”

“And do you know how much those earrings cost? I knew you know.”

“This can’t be happening!”

“Why should l do?

“I need to do something.”

“Leave her alone Brielle.”

“What the hell are you saying, she v’e got my man.”

“Yeah! Yeah but l think Connor deserves her , he deserves better.”

“Barbara are you trying to rile me up?”

“Did you really say that?”

“Yes l did and you know is true, just leave them the hell alone.”

“I can’t and you know it, l love Connor Barbara l can’t let another woman steal him, l can’t lose to a commoner, never!”

“I need your help Barbara.”


“If it involves hurting lsabelle,then am not interested.”

“Barbara please, l will give you anything you want, l will give you the 200, 000 dollars you requested.”

“Brielle you are very cunning l asked for this same amount few weeks ago for something you knew was very important but you refused.”

“It’s not too late Barbara you can still use the money for it.”

“What do you want?”

“Now you are talking.”

“You like lsabelle right, this will be in your favor all you have to do is drug her and have sex with her, then you send the video to Connor.
And boom! Connor will think she is a lesbian and hate her.”

“My goodness! This is too much Brielle why don’t you just leave her out of this.”

“Well l will go to any length to get my man. You are in or not remember it’s in your favor and you get the 200,000 dollars.”

“Yes am in but l won’t forgive myself for this.”

“Come on Barbara, just do it okay!” I said and kissed her and she responded immediately.

“Shit! Am going to eat you Brielle” she said and deepened the kiss.



*. 🌺Mrs Braxton🌺

I paced up and down the room, why does she look like her.

No! This can’t be a mere coincidence.

Or am l hallucinating?

She is definitely the one or is it just her lookalike? I panicked.

Oh goodness! I need to do something fast, l have to find out everything about her.

Is she really the one?

If she is the one Braxton will easily recognize her because she was so close to him.

Oh no! This can’t be happening.

She is definitely not the one.

Yes it must be her lookalike.

I took my phone quickly and dailed a number and he picked on the second ring.

“Drake l need your help” l said.

“At your service Mrs Braxton” he said in his Italian accent.

Drake is an Italian and he has done so many deals for me.

You know what l mean dirty deals.

“I want you to find out everything single thing about a girl called lsabelle Lightwood, she is currently living with my son, l repeat l want every single details.”

“Alright Mrs Braxton, you know what to do”

“Fine l will send you the sum of 100,000 dollars and send you more when the job is done.”

“Alright Mrs Braxton.”

“I need you to be very quick with this, it urgently, very urgently.”

“Sure l will! Be rest assured Mrs Braxton” he said and hung up.



🌺 Chapter Twenty🌺


💋 Isabelle 💋

Ever since l came back from seeing Wyatt the other day, have not been myself.

Who really is behind my father’s murder?
How come he knew about it?

And the deal, what can l do? This is just too much for me to handle.

I tossed up and down on the bed, lost in thoughts.

Ever since that day, have not seen Connor.

Today makes it the third day, and he is yet to arrive.

To be honest l missed him.
I missed him so much.

Wyatt isn’t that bad any way, that night after the deal, he lightened my mood and he was fun to be with.

My stomach rumbles.
Shit! Have not eaten since morning, have not even took a bath.

I got up and quickly brushed my teeth, l washed my hair and took a warm bath.

Have been so engrossed in my thoughts that l stayed up on bed this late.

This isn’t a job,l only give Connor medicines, sometimes prescribe his diet and give a massage that’s all.

The rest hours l laze around doing nothing.

But why does Connor hate going to the hospital?
Is it connected to something? Or maybe he don’t just like it.

I remembered what happened the other day when he was attacked, l was kinda useful so it’s worth it.

I tried as much as possible to avoid that fucked up bitch.

I hate her, l don’t know why Connor will employ someone like her.

I tyed my hair in messy bun put on an armless gown and came out from my room.

Entering the living room l came face to face with the beauty, he was looking goergous as ever.

“Hmm Good morning Connor” l said nervously and he chuckled.

“Good morning lsabelle.”

“This past few days l really missed you, didn’t you miss me?” He asked.

Should l tell him l missed him too?

No way l shook that thought out of my head.

“Did you went on a business trip? I asked instead.

“Yes, and return yesterday but someone didn’t notice.”

“You came yesterday l asked and my face fell.”

“Why is your face like that Izzy, were you planning to welcome me with a hug, it isn’t late yet l will accept it whole heatedly.”

What’s this guy saying?

“I will really love it if you give me a hug lzzy” he said and my face flushed.

“Or should l give you something instead” he smirked and smiled seductively.

“No! I exclaimed and threw myself at him and his hand went round my waist as he shifted me close to his body.

“I sniffed his cologne, he smells so good.”

His hold on me tightened.

“Connor l can’t breathe” l said in an attempt to free myself from his embrace.

And it worked he let go of me immediately.

“Are you okay” he asked.

“Am fine” I said shyly biting my lip.

“Look at me lzzy” Connor said and l lifted my head and my gaze fell on him.

He raised my chin and stared at me straight in the eyes.

His eyes held so many things l couldn’t fathom, so many things left unsaid.

“You are beautiful” he said l gulped.

I wanted to tell him he is the most beautiful creature have ever seen but the ringing of his phone interrupted the moment.

He let go of me.

“I will take this call” he said and walked away.

I turned and saw Barbara glaring daggers at me.

Well her business not mine.

I blushed hard as l recalled what happened a while ago.

His hand on my waist felt so good.

I headed to the kitchen to make something for myself.

I might die from tasting the food of a demoness.

💕 Connor Braxton 💕

“Felix are you sure about this?”

“Sir am a thousand percent sure.”

“Alright Felix thanks for this information” l said and ended the call.

I rushed to the living room and lzzy wasn’t there anymore.

I ran like a manaic, to her room l think am loosing my mind.

“Open the damn door” l yelled l think have lost it already.

The door opened immediately and l pushed her in and closed the door.

“Connor what’s happening? What are you doing?” She asked clearly frightened and my face softened a bit saying she was this frightened.

“Did l offend you Connor, why are you like this? Please say something.”

“How could you?”


“How could lsabelle, how could you hide that fucking shit from me.”.

“What are you talking about?”

“Am talking about why you hid the fact that Wyatt got you a phone before l did and why you agreed to be his fucking fiancee” l yelled angrily clenching my fist.

“Am sorry.”

“You are sorry? how could you hide this from me? why will you work for me and at the same time be my brothers fiancee?”

“I thought you were different lsabelle.”

“No l actually believed you were different.”

“Am sorry Connor, l admit the fact that l was wrong not telling you Wyatt bought me a phone, but l did that because l don’t want to make you feel inferior.”

“I never wanted to be Wyatt’s fiancee, l would have done that long ago but l choosed you.”

“I met up him to say thank you for the phone he got me and to tell him straight forwardly that l decline his proposal.

But he promised to give me all the evidence that linked to the person behind my father’s murder only on one condition and that condition was to be his fiancee for just one day.

Just a day Connor not the months he said before.

“I was desperate.”

“What did you expect me to do?
Do you think my father met nothing me?”

“I will do anything possible to know the truth and avenge the death of my father.”

“No lsabelle you don’t just get it you can’t do this to me.

Okay! I promise to provide you with all the evidence you need just please don’t go to Wyatt.

Please lsabelle.”

“It’s just a day Connor, l desperately want to know who is behind the murder.”

“I know lsabelle, but you can’t be Wyatt’s fiancee, he is going to introduce you to my parents and that will affect me in someways.”

“What ways Connor?” I just want to avenge my father’s death and that’s all, l just want to make sure they rot in jail.”

“Please lsabelle you don’t just understand.”

“Then make me understand!”

“Fine! I love you lsabelle
I love you okay! I love you so much and I think am going cra*y.”




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