Isabelle – Chapter 2

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Isabelle by Joan lkponmwosa.


🌺 Isabelle 🌺
💕(Stuck in Between)💕
Story ✍️ by Joan lkponmwosa
Chapter two🌺🌺🌺


🌹Connor Braxton🌹

I opened my eyes slowly.
My vision is blurry.
Why do l feel so much discomfort?
I tried sitting up but yelped in pain.

I recalled what happened yesterday and l recalled telling a lady to save me.

My name is Connor Braxton the second heir to the Braxtons.
We are a third generation family.
We own the largest conglomeration in the US.


This is what l get from being an heir of the Braxtons.

Have been attemptedly murdered on several occasions.

But this time, all my body guards were killed and l managed to escape.
I don’t know why l wasn’t shot but l was stabbed severally.

I bet the whole of the US are looking for me.

How did l survive?

Did she save me?

I look down at my body.

What the hell! Why am l wearing a female dress.

This aren’t clothes they look like rags.

My fucking goodness!
I tried taking it off but couldn’t due to the pains l was receiving.

The wounds were dressed neatly.
But it hurts badly.
I had no choice than to sit quietly.

I took a good look at my surroundings.
How can someone survive in this crib.
My pet’s house is more beautiful and Bigger than this.

Ouch! My back hurts.

The door creaked open and a lady walked in.

Damn! She is beautiful.
She has Fuller lips, dark eyebrow with a narrower nose and suntanned skin with straight slender legs.
A goddess.

She looked depressed, her face gloomy.

What happened to her?
Has she been crying?


She took slow strides coming towards me.

I was lost staring at her.

“How are you feeling?” She asked.

“Did you bring me here?” I asked in reply and she nods.

“Thank you for saving me” l said sincerely.

“You are Connor Braxton the heir of the Braxtons, never thought l could ever meet you in person.”

“Who was after you?”
“Why were you hurt so badly.”

“I will have to find out when l go back home, my life is so fucked up.”

“You have to go see a doctor you are injured badly, l only gave first aid treatment, the wounds are deep and your skin is flabby.”

“Can you please take this off” l point to the dress l was wearing.

She started taking it off gently.

I felt sparks as her fingers brush past my skin l think she felt it too.
How can she have this much effect on me in just one day?
She is driving me crazy.

This is hilarious l never imagined myself wearing a female dress.

“I should get you medicines and redress your wounds.”

“What medicines?”

“I don’t take medicine especially unprescribed ones.”

“Things change, you will have to take it it will ease your pains” she said soothenly.

“I will be right back ” she said and entered a room nearby.

Why is she so decent?
All the ladies have crossed paths with always tried seducing me.
Cause am Connor Braxton.
But she is different, decent considerate well mannered and beautiful.

Never thought l will ever speak so lovely of a woman.
A lot of things has changed in just one day.

I stared at her as she came in and sat close to me and help me redress the wound.

Geez! it hurts.

Why am l always the target? is not like am the the only heir.

My older brother has never been ambushed.


Why is it always me?

“Don’t you have anything boyish l can put on?” I asked after taking the drugs she forced on me.

I was only wearing pants.
I watch as her eyes roamed my body.

Anyone will likely do same, it’s not every time you get to see a perfect body like mine.

“Like what you see?” I asked and her face flushed in embarrassment.

“I don’t have any male clothing, l would have given you my father’s but it won’t fit.”

“Do you live here with your family?”

“Yes l used to.”

“Where are they?”

“My father is dead and mother in the hospital” she said lonely.

“Am sorry” l said and she nods.

She has been through a lot, no wonder she looks depressed.
It must be very hard for her to even fake a smile.

“Do you have a cellphone?”

“Yes l had one until yesterday l had to sell it to save a stranger.”

“How do you mean?”

“The bondages, the antiseptics and medicines were all bought with the money.”

“What the hell! Why will you?”

“Is that your way of saying a fucking thank you.”

“For fuck sake you fucking sold your goddamn phone” l said pissed.

“What the fucking hell are you saying? l fucking sold my phone to fucking save your goddamn ass” she yelled back at me .


She indeed knows how to swear alot.

“May l know your name.”

“Isabelle Lightwood” she said.

“Am grateful for what you did, am sorry l reacted that way but you have to understand l never knew selfless people like you still exist.

All my life l have dealt and seen a lot of greedy people whose aim is to add more to what they already have.

“Thank you lsabelle l will be forever grateful.”

“I still have some money left l will have to keep some for my mother’s feeding and use the remaining to buy you some clothes and take you to a call center.”

“I have to go get you some clothes, you can’t remain here, you need to be properly treated.” She said and left shutting the door behind her.

I can’ t let go of her.
I can’t leave her behind.
I have to come up with a plan.

Isabelle Lightwood you are one hell of an angel and it will be my greatest mistake to let go.

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