Isabelle – Chapter 21

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Isabelle by Joan lkponmwosa.


💕(Stucked In between)💕
Story ✍️ by Joan lkponmwosa
🌺 Chapter Twenty one 🌺


💋 Isabelle 💋

“Fine! I love you lsabelle.”
“I love you okay, l love you so much and l think am going crazy.”

“Connor but I..……….”

“Shush, l know, l know it too sudden but this the truth lzzy, l don’t know how or when it started or is it love at first?but all the same have fallen for you lsabelle, please you don’t have to over think this, you don’t have to say it back, you don’t have to love me back, and l don’t want you to reject me either, my love will be enough for the both of us.”

“Just please stay with me and don’t go out with my brother anymore, l will provide you with everything thing and every information you need, please lsabelle, being Wyatt fiancee for just a day will destroy my chances of being with you.”

“Am sorry Connor, l never knew you feel something for me” l said .

“No don’t be lzzy, l should blame myself for loving you so carelessly, you don’t have to force yourself to love me, just learn to love me.”

“Connor am truly sorry,am sorry l hurt your feelings, l should never have agreed to it.”

“What about Wyatt what should l tell him?”l asked.

“Don’t worry about that lzzy, l trust Wyatt okay he will understand.”

“Am sorry for yelling, l just don’t want to lose you, believe me have never felt like this for anyone.”

“I heard that.”


“Stop with the pretence Connor you are hungry, your stomach said so.”

“Go eat”

“I don’t want to” he whined.

“Stop whining, go eat already, you shouldn’t starve yourself.”

“Yes Nurse Isabelle.”

“Stop teasing me.”

“You are beautiful” he said and my face flushed.

“Why is your face flushed lzzy?”

“Did l say something l shouldn’t have said?”

“Just go eat already” l said as my cheeks are already crimson red.

“Izzy, l want you to promise me that things won’t change between us, let’s remain friends Izzy, l will wait,l will for your love.”

“I promise, things will never change between us.”

“Pinky promise!”

“Yeah” l said and we entwined our smallest finger together.




☹️ Brielle ☹️

My phone rang interrupting my make up section.

“What? Barbara!” I half yelled.

“Calm down babes, you can’t believe this.”

“Say it already you just interrupted something.”

“I said calm down okay, cause what you are about to hear will definitely make you lose your sanity.”

“Say it already” l said pissed.

“Well, Connor just professed his love to our curvy lsabelle.”

“What! You joking right?”
“Stop playing around okay! I will hang up now.”

“Do l sound like am joking?”

“I would have recorded the scene but l just found out that there are CCTV cameras everywhere in Connor’s house.”

“What? No this can’t be happening!”

No, l yelled and smashed the phone on the wall.

Brielle you are so stupid.
You are so stupid Brielle.

That bitch stole my man before my very eyes, am going to hurt you lsabelle just the way you did to me.

My second phone started ringing.

You all should go to hell l yelled and wanted to smash the phone but my hand froze as l got a glimpse of the caller.


I can’t ignore his calls.

I shuddered as l recalled what happened some weeks ago.

“Hello, l said shakily”

“Brielle Newton, don’t you dare lay a finger in lsabelle Lightwood, because of you do, your sextape goes viral.”

“Hahahaha don’t mess with me Brielle, You getting engaged to Connor will make him have the chances of becoming the heir.”

“Just lay low okay, you wouldn’t want Mrs Braxton to know your dirty little secret, so be a good girl and listen to daddy okay!” he said mockingly
and hung up.

I slumped on the couch dejectedly.
I thought Wyatt was dangerous but now l know he is a monster.

Have lost everything.
I be lost him.
All thanks to Wyatt and that bitch.

There is absolutely nothing l can do.
I know he is watching my every move.
Wyatt doesn’t go back on his words.

Am so stupid, he has everything to his advantage.
My secret and now he has my sextape too.

Am at his Mercy, if it goes viral my father will definitely disown for destroying his reputation.




💕 Connor Braxton 💕

I can’t believe l just told her my feelings like that.

That wasn’t the way l wanted to express my feelings.
But l just couldn’t conceal it anymore, l couldn’t help it.

Wyatt introducing Isabelle to my parents as his fiancee for just a day means only one thing.
I and lzzy can never become a thing.
My father will never agree to it.

I feel less burdened and am happy l wasn’t rejected.

I still have a hint of hope that she will learn to love me as much as l love her.

But the fact that Wyatt took a liking to her is what l lest expected.

Wyatt has always detested commoners, have been the humble one.

I know am damn rich but l hate it when am being treated like a god.

I just believe no matter the financial status we all are humans and should be respected.

I just need to go see Wyatt and tell him of my feelings for lsabelle, just that way he will leave her alone.

I called my chauffeur to come pick me up.

We headed to Wyatt’s masion.

Unlike my place Wyatt’s place is more livelier and there are lots of maids and butlers.

“Welcome Mr Connor they all bowed to greet.”

“Seriously, did they have to bow?”

I went to the living room and met Wyatt with two young men and he was smoking cigarettes.

“Connor was a pleasant surprise” he said and dismissed the young men.

“I just came to talk Wyatt.”

“Welcome bro, have a seat.”


“Thanks” l said.

A maid came with a bottle of wine and placed it at the table.

“Leave” Wyatt said as she was about to serve the wine and she left immediately.

“What brings you here brother” he asked as he poured the wine and handed me a glass.”

“Like l said earlier l just want to talk.”

“Connor what do you want to talk about?”

“Isabelle Lightwood.”

“What about her?”

“Please Wyatt can you just find someone else to introduce to dad as your fiancee, l will really appreciate it if you let lsabelle be.”

“We made a deal Connor, and she agreed that’s her business not yours.”

“I know Wyatt but please let her be, just see it as you doing me a favor, there are lots of ladies who will kill just to be your fiancee.”

“Why Connor, why are you so concerned about her, she is just your personal nurse .”

“Wyatt l love lsabelle, l love her so much just please let her be.”

“So you did fall for her too.”

“Yes Wyatt l fell deeply in love with her.”

“Am sorry Connor but l can’t let go of her.”

“Off course you can, just one phone call you will find another lady brother.”

“You don’t seem to understand this Connor, l can’t let go of her because

l love her too.”



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