Isabelle – Chapter 22 & 23

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Isabelle by Joan lkponmwosa.


💕 Stucked In between)💕
Story ✍️ by Joan lkponmwosa
🌺 Chapter Twenty Two 🌺

💋 Isabelle 💋

I sat on my bed and a smile curved on my lips as l recalled what happened the other day, have been thinking about it non stop.

Connor loves me?
Connor Braxton loves me, this is unbelievable.

Am kinda surprised and the same time Happy.

Connor is a guy every lady will dream of.

Humble, decent, honest, handsome, perfect.
How can someone be so damn rich but still humble and decent?

I picked up my phone and dailed Ariel’s number and she picked up immedaitely.

“Hey lzzy” she said.

“Ariel!” I called excitedly.

“What happened? Tell me already, you sound super excited.”

“Ariel guess what? You can’t believe this” l said and giggled.

“Please say it already, l suck at guessing and you know it.”

“Hold on okay, where do l start from, what if am dreaming?”

“Oh shut up Izzy, how can you be dreaming when we are talking on phone, just say it already.”

“Fine! Connor said he loves me, Connor loves me.”

“Sorry l didn’t get it, say it again.”

“Quit the act Ariel, you heard right.”

“Wait lzzy, l think it’s true we’re both dreaming, yes, this must be a dream.” She said and hung up.

Seriously! Ariel is crazy.

Hahahaha this is hilarious.

I think we are both dreaming l mimicked and laughed out loud.

My phone rang again.

“Well lzzy l just confirmed we aren’t dreaming, but can you say that again? What l heard earlier.”

“Oh! you heard, l thought as much.”

“Shut up Izzy and talk to me.”

“Shut the hell up Ariel and listen” l said we burst out laughing.

“Why are you laughing? Just say it already.”

“But we both laughed.”



“Okay! Okay I will say it now.”

“Connor said he loves me” l said and there was a grave silence from the other end of the phone.

“Ariel are you there? Are you even listening? I asked.

“Yes, wait are you drunk or something just go take a glass of water l will call you back when you are sober.

“Wait Ariel am fine, am fine am perfectly fine okay, Connor said it some days ago and l think he loved me from the very first day we met.”

“Are you for real, l mean you seriously okay and not drunk?”

“For the last time am perfectly fine okay!”

“Yeah, yeah, let me get this straight, Connor Braxton said he loved you? When? How?”

“How am l supposed to know? Well he somehow found out l agreed to be Wyatt fiancee for a day and he said it.”

“You what? Why did you do that lzzy l thought we both agreed you work for Connor.”

“That isn’t it Ariel, Wyatt earlier wanted me to be his fiancee for two months but l declined, but few days ago he bought me a phone which l showed you and he said l should have dinner with him as a way of saying thank you.”

“I agreed, the other day after visiting Mom at the hospital l met Wyatt and he said he had evidence and knew the person behind my father’s murder.”

“What? My goodness! How did he knew, this is unbelievable, so he gave you the evidence and the name of person!”

“That’s it Ariel, he agreed to give them to me on only one condition, he pleaded l be his fiancee for a day, we made a deal and l ……………”

“And you what?”

“I agreed.”

“My goodness lzzy are you insane no you are stupid,why will he want to give them to you with a condition? He could have just given them to you lzzy, this shows he had a reason for doing so.”

“So how did Connor find out?”

“I don’t know.”

“Izzy as your best friend l think you should be careful with that Wyatt Braxton why is he so bent on making you his fiancee when he knows you are working for his brother?Why will he worry himself so much just to get the evidence of the murder of your father?
How did he knew your father was murdered and who sent him to find evidence?
Think lsabelle, don’t be stupid.”

“Stay away from Wyatt Braxton.”

“Yes mom.”

“Shut up lzzy am being serious, what do you feel for Connor?”

“I don’t know mom.”


“Well l really don’t know what l feel for him, am still trying to figure out what l feel for,but honestly am really excited to know that Connor loves me.”

“I think you love him.”

“No Ariel l just…… I just have a tiny little bit of feeling for him.”

“So you have feelings for him also.”

“I didn’t say so l said a tiny little bit.”

“What are you even saying, tiny,little and bit those are same words lzzy, a tiny feeling can grow big.”

“Like l said earlier, am still trying to figure it out but l felt extremely happy when he professed his love to me.”

“Hmm hmm okay lzzy, Connor is a great guy, just follow your heart okay.”

“Thanks Ariel am always relieved when l talk to you.”

“Off course that’s why am your bestest” she said and l rolled my eyes, not like she saw it.

“How is work?”

“Honestly speaking am not working, l just laze around, give him medicines, arrange his diet and sometimes a massage and that’s all.”

“I think Connor employed you so you could be close to him not the other way round.”.

“Have you guys talked about college?”.

“Not yet but l will tell him, school is resuming soon.”

“Yes and when school resumes who will take care of your mom lzzy.”

“Have thought about it Ariel am so confused.”

“Don’t worry have gat your back okay, we will figure out something, l will hang up now.”

“Alright bye Ariel.”

“Bye lzzy love you”

“Love you too extend my greetings to mom tell her l love her too.”

“Off course l will” she said and hung up.

I sighed as l dropped my phone on the bed, what Ariel said was right.

I should stay away from Wyatt.




💕 Connor Braxton 💕

I sat on the couch lost in thought.

Wyatt’s words echoed through my head:
“I love her too, so l can’t let go, let her choose who she loves Connor, but l will advise you let her go because you don’t know what’s coming to you.”

He didn’t only said he loved her, he threatened me too.

Wyatt are you really who l see you to be or was my mother right when she said you are fake? Or is there something l don’t know about?

I stood from the couch in my office and sat on the swivel chair trying to concentrate on work but l couldn’t.

I just couldn’t.

I picked up my phone to call felix but it started ringing.

“Hello Mr Braxton.”

“Good day detective.”

“I will like you to come to my office immediately, l have some information for you.”

“Thanks detective will be there in a jiffy.

Have done lots of investigations,this time l hope l find a clue or the truth behind the numerous attacks.



💕(Stucked In between)💕
Story ✍️by Joan lkponmwosa
🌺 Chapter Twenty three🌺


“Did you get all the evidence?” I asked Philip and he nods.

“Say something Philip, what’s wrong?”

“Well sir to be honest, since you love this lsabelle, don’t you think your plans will hurt her? If she gets to find out the truth,she will be broken.”

“And that’s where l come in philp, l will be her knight in shining armor l will mend her broken heart, and she will be left with no other choice but to fall in love with me.”

“Just go ahead with the plans Philip and leave the rest to me.”

“Yes boss.”

“Sir there is a report.”


“Mr Connor is heading to the detective office” he said through greeth teeth.”

“Fuck, that asshole.”

“Didn’t he collect the money?”

“No he didn’t, he is hell-bent on telling him.”

“Well, he doesn’t have concrete evidence but what he have might make Connor become suspicious of me, and l can’t let it happen, if l want to succeed.”

“Philip you know what to do.”

“Yes boss.”

“Silence him.”




🌺Mrs Braxton 🌺

I waited in anticipation for Drake’s information.

To say am worried is an understatement, am terrified.

If she happens to be the one then am doomed.

No it can’t be
She can’t be the one.

My phone rang and l picked up on the first ring.

“Drake what took you so long, did you find out something?”

“Am sorry Mrs Braxton,l don’t think the information l found will be of any use to you.”

“She is just an average girl, her father was murdered and her mother in the hospital fighting for her life.”

“Is that all you could find?”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Shit! Is she really not the one?”

“Alright Drake l will send you the balance.”

“Thanks Mrs Braxton” he said and l hung up.”

Is that all he could find, or is she her look alike?

What should l do?

Am going to make sure she is far away from my family l can’t let Braxton see her.




🌺 Isabelle 🌺

Nooooooooooooooh, l screamed and woke up, beads of sweat on my forehead.

I looked around the room in fear, it’s noon why am l having a nightmare.

A nightmare but it felt so real.

I sat quietly, trying to calm my nerves.

This is the first time in so many years am having a nightmare.

I shuddered as l recalled the night mare.

I saw myself in a dark room, with two persons, one was wearing a hoodie and the other was Connor.

I couldn’t see the face of the other person but l saw Connor smiling sweetly at me and l smiled in return.

In a twinkle of an eye, the other person wearing a hoodie pulled a gun from his pocket and pointed it at Connor and l trembled.

“What are you doing?” I asked in fear.

“What do you think am doing” he replied and grinned wickedly.

Connor was quite, he said nothing.

“Say something Connor” l yelled.

“Connor he is pointing a gun at you” l told him but he said nothing.

He stood still and kept smiling at me.

“Please drop the gun”l begged the anonymous person.

“Please don’t kill him” l begged.

He let out an evil laugh.


“You are mine lsabelle” he said and pulled the trigger.

“Nooooooooooooooh, l screamed and woke up.

It felt so real.

I got up from the bed quickly and rushed to the living room.

That evil Cook has stopped bugging me.

I dailed Ariel’s number quickly.

“Ariel! I called.

“Izzy, you don’t sound fine, what happened?”

“Yes Ariel l had a nightmare a terrible nightmare.”

“It’s noon lzzy and you are having a nightmare.”

“Shut up Ariel and listen, someone tried to kill Connor, the most terrifying part is that it felt so real and l think am the reason.”

“My goodness! Did you see the person in your dream?”

“That’s it Ariel, l couldn’t see his face, it felt so real.”

“Geez, lzzy you are over thinking, it’s just a dream.”

“And dreams do come true.”

“God forbids, just forget it okay!”

“So you ve figured out your feelings.”

“Not yet.”

“Alright baby girl, take your time okay and stop being a scaredy cat.”

“Okay, l will come visit you and Mom soon, tell her l love her too.”

“Offcourse l will” she said and l hung up.

Geez, l just can’t get that shit out of my head.




🌺 Connor Braxton 🌺

I arrived the building and as usual my body guards surrounded me.

I was told the detective was with a client and was instructed to wait in the VIP section.

I sat quietly and told my bodyguards to seat too but as expected they declined and l sighed as l typed away on my phone.

I sent a quick text to lsabelle.

“How are you doing?” I sent

And a reply came Immediately.

I wasn’t expecting a reply.

“Have you been waiting for my message?” I sent.

“That’s not true” she replied.

“You are okay?” I sent.

“Yh, am fine, just had a really terrible nightmare” she replied.

“Like to share?” I sent.

“Nah, am fine now” she replied.

“Eaten? I sent.

“Yup, you? hope you didn’t forget to eat lunch” she sent.

“Nah, have eaten, didn’t dare disobey your highness” l sent.

“Geez, stop teasing me” she replied.

“Now l wanna tease you more, how about you go out with me for dinner?”

“That will be great, were we going?” She replied but l was startled as l heard a gunshot.

“Protect Mr Connor” my bodyguards yelled in unison.

The whole place was disorganized.

No! It can’t be? I yelled and stood up immediately.

“Mr Connor where are you going” my bodyguards asked in fear and surprise.

“Am going out, l need to see the detective.”

“But Mr Connor………..”

“You dare stop me you loose your job” l threatened and ran out, and they ran after me.

I headed straight to the detective’s office.

And my instinct was right.

Fuck! I cussed.

There he was lying in the pool of his blood.

My bodyguards all halted in surprise.

This is bullshit, fuck me, fuck me, l kept cussing as l ran my hands through my hair.

If l had been here just five minutes earlier l would have gotten all the information l needed.

This young man definitely lost his life because of me.

The staffs all rushed In.

“Call the ambulance” they kept yelling.

I just stood frozen to the spot

All this years l finally got a clue but l lost it.

I fucking lost it.

My eyes caught something, some letters written with blood.


I woke up from my daze and walked close to the deadbody and squatted before him.

I stared at the letters that was written with blood, l think he wrote it before he died.

I stared at the letters carefully and tried to pull it together.

First later was W
Second was…..Y
Third was……….A
Fourth was…….T
Fifth was………..T

And that spelling is no other than Wyatt.
Could it be?
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