Isabelle – Chapter 24

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Isabelle by Joan lkponmwosa.


💕(Stucked In between)💕
Story ✍️ by Joan lkponmwosa
🌺 Chapter Twenty four🌺


No it can’t be!
Why is the spelling on the floor Wyatt?
He was definitely trying to pass a message but why Wyatt?

No l can’t believe this.

“Let’s leave” l told my bodyguards and an ambulance arrived and took the dead body.

“Take me home” l told my chauffeur.

Am so angry right now and l think l might burst.

Was he trying to tell me Wyatt was behind the numerous attacks?

I can’t believe this l just can’t.

Minutes later l got home and alighted.

“Welcome Mr Connor” the cook greeted but l walked past her without giving a reply.

I headed straight to my room.

I took of my sleeve and dailed Felix number.

“Hello Felix.”


“Cancel my schedule for the evening, and l need your help.”

“Yes sir.”

“I know you are very good in hacking and you are the only person l can trust with this, l want to hack into Wyatt’s account.”

“You mean l should hack Mr Wyatt’s account?”

“Yes Felix, l need you to do it and be fast about it.”

“Yes sir.”

“About the murder lssue have you gotten a clue?”

“No sir am still working on it.”

“Please be fast Felix, l think there are some things l need to know as soon as possible.”

“Yes boss.”

“Thanks Felix” l said and hung up.

Why will Wyatt want to kill me?
Wyatt won’t hurt a fly talkless of Killing a person, his brother, or was it the name of the culprit?

It might be a coincidence.
Should l really investigate him?
I have to investigste him,to clear my doubts about him, am sure is just a misunderstanding.

I miss mom, she v’e stop bugging me, this is unlike her.

I dailed her number quickly but a call came through.


Why is Mr Braxton Calling me?

“Hello Mr Braxton.”


“Yes Mr Braxton.”

“When did you became this rude Connor, calling me by my name?”

“Why are you calling, what do you want?”

“I just wanted to check up on my son.”

“Seriously Dad, are you for real, this is the funniest thing have heard in a while say what you want Mr Braxton, stop beating around the bush.”

“Well am coming home tomorrow, make sure you come pick me up at the airport.”

“Mr Braxton, you know l will be busy and besides there are lots of people to do it, stop disturbing me, you can call mom to pick you up.”


“I want you to pick me up yourself, don’t send anyone,my flight lands by evening, l will call you when l land take care son” he said and hung up.

I thought he will never come home.

I dailed mom’s number and she busied the call.

Is she ignoring me now?

Mom with attitude.

Shit! I forgot l was texting lsabelle.


“Where are you? Come to my room” l sent.

Before l could drop my phone, the door creaked open and lzzy walked in.

Holy hell! I was shirtless.

I just texted.
“Where you already on your way to my room miss lsabelle?”

“Well Mr Connor, l was in the kitchen when l saw your text and l came right away,are you okay? Do you feel pains, or you are tired?”

“Just a light headache but am fine now miss lsabelle.”

“I don’t believe you Mr Connor, let me get you your medicines.”

“Don’t worry miss lsabelle, have taken my drug already.”

“How do you mean, what drug did you take?”



“You are my drug lsabelle, The headache disappeared immediately you walked in.”


“Am not impressed Mr Connor, you need to work on your pick up lines.”

“Are you sure miss lsabelle, l think you should get a mirror, right now you look tomatoe red.”

“Fine! You win but can you please put on a shirt.”

“You are rejecting such an alluring sight miss lsabelle.”

“Geez, Connor put on a shirt already.”

“And if l don’t?”

“Am leaving.”

“Is it that distracting, you really don’t like what you see?”

“Am leaving.”

“Fine, l will put it on.”

“Tsk you are such a trouble maker.”

“So about dinner?”

“Oh! The dinner, l almost forgot, so where are we going?”

“It’s a surprise.”

“I hate surprises.”.

“Offcourse you will you curious cat.”

“But from now on l bet you will love surprises.”

“I hope so.”

“Now go get dressed Mi lady.”




🌺Mrs Braxton 🌺

I scrolled through my phone, trying to get a dress online.

My husband will arrive tomorrow l have to look best.

Have been searching for more than an hour but l just can’t find my taste.

I picked up my phone and dailed a number immedaitely.

“Hello Mrs Braxton.”

“Mrs Lewis.”

“Yes ma’am, what can l do for you?”

“I want designer dresses, and a particular one to go out on a date with my husband, you know what l want, l should be the first to own that dress.”

“Be rest assured Mrs Braxton, it will be delivered to your door step.”


“Text me the amount and l will send it immediately.”

“Alright ma’am” she said and l hung up.

My phone started ringing, Drake calling.

“Hello Drake”

“Hi Mrs Braxton, l found out something don’t know if it will be of any use but this information was very difficult to find and was properly concealed.”

“Say it already.”

“She was adopted” he said and my phone fell from my hands to the floor with a loud thud.


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