Isabelle – Chapter 25

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Isabelle by Joan lkponmwosa.


💕 Stucked In between)💕
Story ✍️ by Joan lkponmwosa
🌺 Chapter Twenty five 🌺

🌺Mrs Braxton🌺

“She was adopted” he said and my phone fell from my hand with a loud thud.

“Hello ma’am, Mrs Braxton are you there?” He kept saying but l stood frozen on the spot.

She is alive?
She is the one

Braxton must not find out.
My goodness! Why is Connor so stubborn.

I picked up my phone and dailed Mrs Newton’s(Brielle’s mom) number.

Hello Kat

Mrs Braxton

“Kat am in deep trouble.”

“What happened?”

“Shelly is alive.”

“What? How?”

“What should l do? She is living with Connor and he likes her already.”

“My goodness this is bad, this is bad.”

“What about Mr Lightwood.”

“He is dead.”

“What? Don’t tell me you killed him Helen.”

“Yes l did, he lied to us , he lied to us , he was the person that adopted the child,am doomed kat am doomed.”

“Why did you kill him Helen, what were you thinking?
He is the only person that knows the drug.
I checked the drugs yesterday and found out it was empty.”

“What?how did it happen?”

“I don’t know Helen but l think Brielle found out something.”

“She what, my goodness we are doomed for real, Kat what should l do? What should l do?”

“Calm down okay we will figure out something really quick.”

“Shelly doesn’t know anything yet but l think Brielle knows something and she was the one that took the drugs, so we have to handle Brielle.”

“Yes l will handle her” l said and hung




💋 Isabelle 💋

I went to my room after my little chat with Connor.

Just talking to him is making my heart wanna burst.


I wrapped a towel round my body and took a bath quickly.

There are so many clothes in here what should l wear?

If he had said it quite earlier,l would have told Ariel to come over to come pick me a dress.

I heard a knock on the door and rushed to open it with a towel wrapped around my body.

“Connor, why are you here?”

“Hmm geez lzzy what are you wearing?”

“Huh what? I just took a bath.”

“I bought this for you” he said and slammed the door shut.

What the hell was that?
I said as l opened thr package.

Woooow! this is awesome.

Holly hell
No way, no fucking way.

Isn’t this the same dress wore by that celebrity what’s her name?

What’s her name?
Nicki Minaj.

My goodness! Am really going to wear this.

Out of excitement l wore the clothes without wearing any undies.

This is crazy l mumbled and took off the dress and wore my undies before putting it on again.

I look like Nicki Minaj l said and twirled in front of the dressing mirror.

There was a knock on the door again.

Who is disturbing my happy moment?

I opened the door and met two ladies smiling sweetly at me.

“How may l help you?” I asked.

They look like Barbie dolls.


Mr Connor said we should attend to you miss.


“Come in” l said and they entered.

“Come sit” one of the lady said and gestured me to sit in front of the dressing mirror.

They started working on my face.

I was getting bored already.
Do they want to use all the make up on my face.

“Done” she said and l opened my eyes immediately.

Wait what?

Is this really me?

“You look different, you beautiful” she complimented and l smiled shyly.

“Wow, l really look different” l said and gave them a thumbs up.

My hair was braided and l wore a blonde wig.

“She looks like Brielle” one of the ladies said.

“Yes with this wig on” the other added.

“Now l know why Connor can’t resist you” one of the ladies said and l smiled.

She stretch out her hand and l took it.

“My name is Della am Connor’s best friend, though that prick has no time for me, and am the owner of Get in,be different.”

“Wow! Nice to meet you” l said.

“The pleasure is mine, this is my complimentary card, call me when you need me for stuffs like this.”

“Thanks Della.”

“Don’t mention, l will take my leave now, have fun with your date.”

My date?

I took some quick selfie, Ariel has to see the lsabelle am seeing in the mirror right now.

Never knew Connor has a best friend.
A celebrity best friend.

I wore a low heel and grabbed my purse.

Am feeling extremely nervous.

I took one final look at myself in the mirror and scurried out.

I got downstairs and my mouth opened slightly at the Connor am seeing.

Fine! I know he is hot but have never seen this version of his hotness.
He looks like my goodness am speechless,is he a god or something?
Am clearly drooling.

Ok l don’t think am the only one drooling.

Connor is clearly drooling too.

“Connor enough staring” l yelled and he woke up from his daze.

His face flushed in embarrassment.

“You look breathtaking,l can’t help but to be lost staring at you” he said and l blushed hard.

“You don’t look bad either” l said.

“Let’s go” he said and took my hand.

We got into the car and drove off.

After the long drive.
“Here we are” he announced.

Whoa this place is beautiful l muttered as we walked into the cinema.

“You booked this whole place for just you and l?”

“Yes you don’t like it?”

“I love it,the view is breathtaking.”

“But l think you are more breathtaking” he said and l blushed.

“Come let me show you something” he said and drags me along.

We got to a large room the lights were dim.

There was a dining filled with lots of sea foods.

“Wow! Sea foods l love sea foods.”




🌺Connor Braxton🌺

“I love sea food” she said and l sighed in relief.

“Am glad you love it”

“Are we staying here for the night?” She asked.

“If you wish, have already prepared two rooms in case we might spend the night.”

“That’s great” she said .

“Are we going to watch a movie?”

“Yes we are” l replied and she squealed excitedly.

Wow l love this childish side of her.

“Let’s go wash the movie, this movie was specifically made for you.” I said.


“Yeah, come let’s go watch.”

“Here your popcorn.”

“Thanks” she said and collects it.

The movie started and it was animated.

She squirmed uncomfortable and l knew she wanted to yell
Why the hell is it animated but she kept calm.

The movie was a reenactment of the first day we met.




💋 Isabelle 💋

As l watched l was getting teary already.

“Shush” he said.

“Just keep watching.”

The first scene shows a young man lying inside a bush whimpering.

“Save me” he said feebly.

A girl came running to meet him.

“Save me” he told the girl and fell unconscious.

Second scene.

The young man woke up to find himself in an unfamilar room.

What the hell! He exclaimed as he stared at himself wearing a girl’s cloth.

I smiled out tears.

The door creaked open and a girl walked in.

“You bought me here, thank you for saving me” the young man said.

“You are Connor Braxton never thought l will meet you in person” the girl said.

“What’s your name?” The young man asked.

“Am lsabelle! Isabelle Lightwood.” She replied.

“You need to see a doctor your wounds are deep and your skin is flabby, l just applied first aid you need a proper treatment.”

“Do you have a cellphone?” The young man asked.

“Well l had one until yesterday l had to sell it to save a stranger’s life” the girl said.

“How do you mean?” The young man asked.

“The bondages, antiseptics and medicines were bought with the money” the girl said.

“Stop it Connor, just stop it” l said as tears flowed freely from my eyes.

“Izzy, this was the first and second day we met and l will forever treasure this memory,l love you lsabelle, l love you so much.”

“The moment l saw you, l made a resolve and that resolve is never to let you go.”

“Am sorry l made you cry l never knew you will become this emotional.”

“Its okay Connor, am fine” l said and gave him a small smile.

He brought out an handkerchief and used it in wiping my tears.

“I hate to see you cry” he mumbled.

“Let’s eat shall we?”

“Yes, let’s enjoy the night” l said.

“Eat up” he urged.

“No you eat up” l said.

“Am fine, l want to watch you eat” he said l smiled.

“Connor!” I called.

“Yes lzzy.”

“Connor l ………l think l love you too.”😲




☹️ Brielle ☹️

“Hello Barbara.”

“Hey babes, how are you doing?”

“Barbara please come quickly l have something to tell you.”

“Brielle are you crying?”

“Just come over will you?”.

“Am on my way” she said and l hung up.

How could this happen

How could they do this to me?

How could she do this to us?

The door creaked open and Barbara rushed in.

“Brielle wassup.”

“Like seriously you are crying, Brielle is crying, like like our almighty Brielle is crying.”

“Will you just keep shut.”

“Am sorry, l was just surprised, come on babes stop crying and tell me the problem already.”


“Oh! Isabelle she went out on a date with Connor swears she is damn goergous with that pretty face and sexy curves.”

“Can you hear yourself, l never asked for details, did you come here to mock me.”

“Fine, am sorry, l was just blabbing.”

“What happened Brielle, have never seen you this disoriented.”

“I once told you mom was hiding something.”

“Yes l remember, so did you find out anything?”

“I should never have found out.”

“Why, what are you saying ?you were hell bent on finding it, so what’s with this regret.”

“Yeah,but now l regret it, l really regret it.”

“Okay calm down Brielle and talk to me, what did you find out?”


“Yes lsabelle!”

“Isabelle is my twin sister.”

“Am not done yet.”

“Mrs Braxton is my biological mother.”



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