Isabelle – Chapter 26 & 27

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Isabelle by Joan lkponmwosa.


💕(Stucked In between)💕
Story ✍️ by Joan lkponmwosa
🌺 Chapter 26&27🌺



🌺Connor Braxton🌺

“You what?”

“I love you Connor” she said and l froze.

I don’t know if l should laugh, smile or just jump up in excitement.

“You do?”

“Yes l love you.”

“I love you more lsabelle, l love you so much l said and slammed my lips on hers.”

I kissed her deeply like my life depends on it.

Damn! This feels so good.
This is what have eagerly be waiting for.

She broke the kiss and we try to catch our breathe.

She held her face down.

“You are shy? Look at me lsabelle.”

“She raised her eyes slowly to look at me and l licked my lips seductively.”

“You tasted like strawberries”l said.

And her face turned red.

“Fine! Stop being shy okay, l have something to give you.”

“Here is your admission later.”

“Wait what? My goodness Connor you enrolled me into Weban, thank you Connor that’s my dream college.”

“I knew.”

“You knew?”

“Yes, there is nothing l don’t know about you lzzy l know everything about you.”.


“You are such a snitch.”

“Yeah yeah, everything have been prepared you can start as soon as they resume, l employed someone l trust to take good care of your mother when you are away, Don’t worry everything is in order.”

“Thanks Connor, thank you so much.”

“Did you receive an alert?”

“What alert?”

“I sent your salary.”

“But l don’t have an account, how is it possible.”

“Check your messages.”

“What the……..hmm Connor this sum l mean isn’t this too much for a one month salary.”

“It’s okay lsabelle! You don’t how happy l am right now, l hope to do lots of tangible things for you .
I love you lsabelle, from the first day l saw you, you unlocked something in me and l swore never to let you go.”

“I know it’s sudden but l want to spend every minute, every second, every hour, every day, every week, every month, every year and my lifetime with you.”

“I don’t have a ring but please will you marry me?”

“Connor……….l ”

“Please marry me” l said and she stood frozen to the spot and there was a grave silence.

Please lsabelle l ……………..

“Yes l will marry you, yes yes yes l love you Connor” she said hugged me tightly.

“Thanks Izzy, l thought you were gonna reject me but l want to make you mine as soon as possible, thank you lsabelle.”

“I love you Connor.”

“I love you too, thanks for giving us a chance,l will forever cherish you lsabelle.


☹️ Brielle ☹️

What the hell!”

“My goodness! Isabelle is your sister? Your twin sister?”

“This is unbelievable, you guys don’t look alike except for today when she wore a blonde wig she looked a little bit like you.”

“So you mean you, lsabelle and Connor are siblings?”

“No we are not.”

“You are not?”

How did you find out?


“A few Weeks ago, l caught a maid adding some kind of substance to my meal.”

“I was furious and confronted her and she told me she was following my mom’s instructions.”

“I collected the substance from her and told her not to let mom know l discovered it and told her to stop adding the substance in my food.”

“I took it to doctor Ben and he told me it was a drug that suppresses ones memories and if being used for a long time can make you forget all the memories you lost.”

“You lost your memories?”

“Yes doctor Ben said so, besides that will be the only reason for them to be giving me the drug.”

“He told me have been using it for a long time so the possibility of getting back those memories are slim.”

“And he asked me about my twin sister and l told me , l am an only child and he said my mom used to bring the both of us to his hospital for check up and l was surprised and he found some the records and gave them to me.”

“He asked me if l had my name tattooed on my shoulder and l was shocked.”

“Only few people knew of the tattoo on my shoulder.”

“How did you know about this?” I asked him and he said he have seen it those times mom used to bring my twin sister and l for check up.”

“At of curiosity l asked him if my so called twin sister has the same tattoo and he said yes.”

“Do you remember the name of my twin you are talking about?” I asked him.

“Shelly, that’s her name”he said.

“Shelly” that’s the same name tattooed on lsabelle’s shoulder.

“My goodness!”.

“That’s it Barbara remember you once told me, you saw a tattoo on her shoulder and that proved my suspicions.

I knew she and Connor will be going on a date.
And l knew Connor sent Della to give her a make over.

So l told her to please help me with a strand of lsabelle’s hair to see if her DNA matches with mine.

And she brought it.
And l found out she is really my sister.
How could they do this to us.
I can’t believe l plotted against my sister.”

“It’s okay Brielle, it’s a good thing you stopped before anything bad could happen.”

I started to investigate my mother.

Anytime she was away l will go through her stuff.

And just few days ago l saw a signed contract.

And the contract was between mom and Mrs Braxton.

And l read everything and took some shot on my phone.

According to that contract , l think they exchanged babies and those children happened to be l,Connor and lsabelle.

And if the contract was breached from either party it’s death penalty.


So this means one thing, Connor is not a Braxton but a Newton and you are a Braxton Brielle.

“Yes that’s it but to be honest Brielle this whole thing is quite confusing, the more l listen it the more confusing it gets.”

“Am confused as well,
Why was l and lsabelle separated? what’s my mom and Mrs Braxton hiding?
what’s there main reason behind these things? why will a mother exchange her own children?”

“You should stop calling Mrs Newton your mom, she isn’t and doesn’t deserve it.”

“And you think is better l call Mrs Braxton mother, over my dead body, there are both devils, l hate them, l hate them.”

“Stop crying Brielle,stop crying okay, stop crying and be strong, you just found half of the truth you don’t need to break down you have to find out everything and reconcile with your sister.”

“I can’t Barbara, l can’t face her.”

“And there is another thing Barbara Connor is older than me, if we were exchanged as babies then why is Connor older?”




🙄Wyatt Braxton 🙄

“Sir he escaped.”

“How did it happen, why are you so stupid?”

“Am sorry sir,am really sorry.”

“It’s Felix, isn’t he?”

“Yes boss, Mr Connor’s personal assistant.”

“He managed to get away because he was wearing a Janitor’s cloth, he exchanged his clothes with a Janitor which made us to chase the wrong person.”

“How interesting, such guts, he hacked into my account and sneaked into my masion and even my office, l can’t let it slide and l can’t let him deliver what he has either.”

“Philip you know Connor’s Location?”

“Yes boss, he went on a date with miss lsabelle and he is not with his bodyguards.”

“He finally walked into the Lions den.”

“Abduct him.”

“Yes boss.”.

“I repeat just him.”




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