Isabelle – Chapter 28

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Isabelle by Joan lkponmwosa.


💕(Stucked in between)💕
Story ✍️ by Joan lkponmwosa
🌺 Chapter 28🌺

💋 Isabelle 💋

After eating, l was feeling sleepy already.

“Let’s go sleep wifey”Connor said and l blushed.

“Geez, Connor we are not yet married” l said.

“But we soon will right, or do you want to finish college before we get married?”

“I will think about it, let’s go sleep” l said and yawned.

“Anything you say wifey” he replied.

“Yeah yeah yeah” l said and he laughed.

He helped me up and we headed to our various rooms.

“Wait” he suddenly said.

“What?” I asked and frowned a bit.”

“I just wanted to do this” he said and kissed me lightly on the lips.

“You look more beautiful when you blush like this” he said and winked at me.

“Goodnight wifey.”

“Goodnight Connor” l said and rushed in.

“Ouch! That hurts” he said as l closed the door.

This place is quite comfy but l still prefer my room in Connor’s house.

Things happened so fast, l can’t believe am now Connor Braxton’s fiancee,l can’t wait to tell Ariel about it, she is going to tease me till death.

I almost forgot, Connor’s mom doesn’t like me, will she agree to it.

I know my mom will be very happy, she won’t reject the person l love, but just Mrs Braxton will she ever agree to it.

I love you Connor,that’s all that matters l mumbled and drifted to sleep.




🌺 Brielle 🌺

“Brielle am sorry, l thought my secret was safe enough, l never knew it will be exposed one day, l know am not your mother Brielle but l love you as a mother would, l love you so much Brielle, am sorry things turned out this way, but you have to understand that your mother was the Mastermind of them all.”

“Mom is Connor really your son, does dad know about this?”

“Yes my dear, Connor is my son but l gave him away, l was young and niave at that time, l couldn’t face my fears that’s why l gave out my only child.”

“Twenty two years ago, Then l was very young, l and your father did an arranged marriage but we later fell in love,at that time l put to bed a baby boy which l named Connor.”

I and Helen(Mrs Braxton) were best friends and we knew everything about ourselves.

Helen have been married for five years to Mr Braxton but couldn’t give birth to a child,As a third generation family Mr Braxton needed an heir.His first wife and son died in an airplane crash.
So he married Helen, the issue of not having a child caused lots of misunderstandings in their marriage and Mr Braxton threatened to marry another woman.

Helen was furious.
And she did something shocking.
She faked a pregnancy test and months later she started wearing a moonbump.

Mr Braxton was overjoyed and promised to make her child his heir if the baby turns out to be a boy.

Unfortunately few weeks later Mr Braxton was involved in an accident and was in coma.
And the doctor said it’s gonna take take a year or two years before he wakes up, is chances of survival was very slim.

Some months later, a woman came to Mr. Braxton’s company, and they could all recognize her as Mr Braxton’s first wife, she came with a little boy about three years old, Mr Connor’s first son Wyatt.
The sight was unbelievable and some people ran away thinking they were ghosts.
Wyatt’s mom lost her memories all this years and couldn’t come home, but she came back as soon as her memories were back.

Helen was not happy that Mr Braxton first wife was alive.

She treated her badly, claiming she can’t accept her until her husband wakes up from coma.


Wyatt’s mother took his son and they left the country for the meantime.

Two years have passed and Mr Braxton was still in coma.

Helen was happy because she was planning on how she was going to get a child before Braxton wakes up.

She wanted to adopt a child but kicked against the idea because most of the orphanage homes in the country were controlled by one person which was her husband’s half brother.

She couldn’t risk to get caught.

Few months later, Helen was Pregnant,she stopped visiting the hospital and assigned some people to take care of her husband.

She was always indoors because people are definitely going to question her on why she was pregnant when her husband was in coma.

I went to visit and confront her and she told me she slept with Mr Braxton’s secretary and unluckily for her she got pregnant and couldn’t abort the pregnancy because it will cost her life.

I was so surprised,and the same time angry.

“Why will you cheat on your husband with his secretary?” I asked angrily and stomped off, l was very angry, does she want her husband dead so badly?

I got home and met my husband’s younger sister and as usual she was hitting my baby.

That girl is a thorn in my flesh.
So evil and Witty.

Maureen stop hitting my son l warned and took Connor away but before l could leave she dragged my hair and Connor fell from my hands to the floor and got injured.

Due to anger l picked up the vase on the table and threw it at her and it landed on her head, blood gushed out and she fell unconscious.

What did l do? I screamed in terror, she was bleeding profusely and so was Connor.

My Husband was on a business trip so l dailed Helen’s number quickly.

I put Maureen and Connor in the car and drove like a mad woman to the hospital.

Maureen has loosed a lot of blood.

Helen came mintues later she was in deguise, to avoid unnecessary attention.

I explained all what happened to her.

Minutes later, the doctor came and confirmed Maureen was dead.

I was dumbstruck,l just couldn’t believe it, l killed someone, l killed someone,l said and started screaming.

Helen rushed to hold me,l fainted and was admitted.

When l woke up later, l removed everything from my body and rushed to Connor’s ward and l saw Helen with him.

I was relieved.
But the thought that l killed my husband’s only sister sent shivers through me.

Don’t worry Kat, we should keep it a secret, tell Newton it was a house accident, she slipped and fell and hurt her head badly, and she couldn’t survive it.

And guess what?
l stupidly agreed,because l never knew this was all her plan to take my child away from me.


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