Isabelle – Chapter 29

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Isabelle by Joan lkponmwosa.


💕(Stucked in between)💕
✍️Story written by Joan lkponmwosa ✍️
🌺 Chapter 29🌺

*Note: Mrs Newton is still telling Brielle the story.

*. ☹️ Brielle ☹️

Few weeks later,Helen started to blackmail me, she told me the doctor said Connor will wake up soon that l should give her my baby or she is going to tell the whole world l killed Maureen.

I was totally shocked.
This is so unbelievable l muttered.

I told her that am going to expose her secret of being pregnant for Braxton’s secretary, if she say anything about my secret.

And to my surprise, she laughed it off and said afterall her crime was forgiveable, she didn’t kill a person like me, she said she wasn’t a killer and she brought out a record clip from her bag.

My eyes widened in terror.

“You see,l have proof Kat, what evidence do you have that l slept with Connor’s secretary?None.”

If you don’t do what l want l will send this clip to your husband and you know what that means she said and stomped off.

“Yes she is pregnant but what evidence do l have to prove she slept with Braxton’s secretary? Like she said l had none.”

“Few weeks later l didn’t hear from her,l thought she give up, but l was wrong, The next day l received a call from her, she told me l should come to her house.”

“I went to her house the next day and and met her with two goergous babies, l bet no one in the whole of US knew she gave birth, why is she so decietful, she must have payed and threatened everyone who knew about her pregnancy and l know she also paid the doctor to keep it a secret.”

“Money indeed is everything.”

“What are you going to do about the babies Helen, how are you going to explain how you got pregnant, when Braxton is in coma?”

“That’s why you should give me Zayn,he will soon be three years old right? perfect, am just going to tell Braxton l gave birth when he was sleeping in the hospital, she said and smirked.”

“Helen, why are you doing this, l thought we are friends, best friends, why will you want my son? besides you were the one that told me to keep it a secret.”

“Don’t worry Kat am going to take care of him well, more better than you can imagine, and you know what l don’t plan to leave you childless, am going to give this babies to you, aren’t they beautiful?” She said and grinned widely.

“Helen you are a devil,the devil is much better compared to you, you had all this planned out right? From the day you came to meet me at the hospital you were praying for her to die,or did you arrange for someone to kill her so your plans could work out, tell me Helen why will you bring a record clip with you, don’t tell me you were the one that killed Maureen, cus l will never forgive you.”

“Hahahaha, what if l killed her? Where is your evidence? You are a fool Kat.”

Am giving you 1 day to say goodbye to your son, after 24hours l will make sure this video clip goes viral and trust me what l want l get.

l can arrange for a fake car accident, your son died but you survived and all l have to do is just a little surgery on his face, how about that, well planned right? She said and smiled mischievously.

“Helen Please l beg you don’t take my son away from me please.”

“This are documents sign it before 24hours and return it to me, don’t worry the day after tomorrow take Zayn to the supermarket, when you coming your car will have an accident, don’t worry you won’t die but you son will okay.”

“Helen please” l begged.

” Your secret is safe with me just do what l want okay, now leave my house she said.”

“I got home and was devastated how am l going to tell Newton that l killed his only sister?”

I opened the documents Helen gave to me and read it.

I Stared at Zayn and started crying uncontrollably.

So am really going to give away my only treasure.
I will never forgive you Helen l swore.

I took the pen to sign but l paused and read the last line over and over again.

It reads: Anyone between the two parties who breaches this contract will be punished by death.

I was so shocked.
Helen was fully prepared for this.

The next day, l took Zayn to meet his father and we went out together, cus l knew that was the last day am going to have a claim to my son.

I pitied both father and son.
That night l slept beside Zayn and cried all through the night that l got a fever.

The next day l sent the signed documents back to Helen.

Am sorry son am really sorry but l have to keep my marriage.

I can give birth to another son right?
I thought decieving myself.

And as planned on our way to the supermarket market, they was an accident, a fatal accident, but to my surprise there was someone with us in the car, the person in the other vehicle died and l had some scratches and the person inside my car took Connor away.

My husband was devastated and even fell ill after the incident and so was l.

Helen did surgery on him,l couldn’t even recognize my son.

She sent someone to drop her babies at the orphanage and told me to go adopt them.

I told Newton about it and he agreed.

I adopted the babies and gave them Brielle and Shelly, you both were unidentical.

Few months later Braxton woke up from coma.
And then Zayn my son was named Connor.
That’s how he became a Braxton.

Okay Mom l get it now,so Connor’s real name is Zayn and lsabelle’s real name is Shelly.

But this is really really unbelievable, how can someone like Mrs Braxton still exist, why didn’t you kill her already.
You would have killed her mom

Brielle, it’s your mother we are talking about here.

Never she is not my mother, God forbids,a mother that exchanged her babies and even sent them to an orphanage.

Am going to kill her.

“Brielle, shut it will you? What’s wrong with you.”

I hate her
I hate her.

I have arranged a flight for you, you are living the country until l tell you to come home.

Mom, you haven’t said the complete Story?

Did l lost my memories?
Why were you feeding me with that drug?
Since you adopted the both of us how come we were separated?
Why does it seem like lsabelle lost her memories too?

You have to leave Brielle,how about we talk about it on phone, Helen said earlier that she was gonna take care of you,l don’t know what that implies,but l know Helen can do anything to keep her secret.

She wants Connor to be the heir by all means and that was why she wanted you to marry him so badly so her daughter won’t be left out.

Helen is dangerous
She gets what she wants
she eliminates everyone and anything on her way to achieve her aim including Wyatt’s mother.

Wyatt’s mom?

“Yes and your father.”




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