Isabelle – Chapter 30

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Isabelle by Joan lkponmwosa.


💕(Stucked in between)💕
✍️ Written by Joan lkponmwosa ✍️
🌺 Chapter Thirty🌺


🌺 Brielle 🌺

“You mean she killed Wyatt’s mom and my dad.”

“No l can’t believe this, tell me it’s not true.”

“She really killed our Dad? She killed our father?”

“I think have said too much, please you need to leave, your flight will take off in an hour time, l have arranged everything you will need.”

“Am going nowhere,l want to know everything mom, l have the right to know, what kind of parents are you?”

“Brielle l know you have every right to be mad at me, you can hit me if you want but please leave.
Please Brielle, please have lost too much l don’t want to lose you too.”

“Fine mom, l will leave, but am going to blow off Mrs Braxton’s fuck up head when l return,am going to find evidence that she killed Maureen, am going to find that record clip and destroy it, am going to make her miserable, she gonna suffer,l will make sure of it.”

Am sad mom,yes am sad, am really hurt from hearing this things,but l wonder how lsabelle is gonna react to this, l think my life was more better than hers.
If anything happens to her l won’t forgive you both.

“Goodbye mom”

“Wait Brielle! Brielle wait up! She kept calling but l ran down the stairs quickly.”

“Where are my luggages? Take them to the car l told my chauffeur, drive to the airport” l said.

I took my phone and called Barbara.

“No questions okay!Meet me at the airport immediately am living the country.”

“But Brielle.”

“I said no questions” l replied and hung up.



💋 Isabelle 💋

I woke up with a slight pain on my neck.

Can’t believe l overslept again.
Am already used to waking up late, l wonder how l will cope with it when college resumes.


He must be waiting for me to wake up.
I always sleep like a log.

I yawned and got up from the bed.
Brushed my teeth and washed my hair.
Then l had a warm bath.

I saw a simple cream fitted gown neatly folded.

Did Connor arrange this for me?

I wore the gown and it stopped mid thighs.

I tyed my hair in a messy bun and headed to Connor’s room.

I knocked severally but got no response.

I pushed the door open and met an empty room.

Connor l kept calling but got no response.

I saw his phone on the bed.

And his necklace.

Holy hell!
Don’t tell me…….

Connor! Connor! answer me l said as l checked the bathroom and the toilet and it was empty.

His necklace is here.
Why is his necklace here?
Have never seen him take off his necklace.

Oh no something bad must have happened.

We were the only ones here last night.

What should l do?
What should l do?

The door burst open and some men rushed in, few of them are his bodyguards along with police officers.

Mr Connor! They all called in unison as they didn’t notice me.

“Miss lsabelle, where is Mr Connor?”

“I don’t know, we both were here last night but this morning l woke up to check up on him but couldn’t find him.”

“Why is his necklace here?
Oh no something bad has happened,he didn’t come home last night so we tracked him here.”

“How do we find him without his necklace?”

“You both were together where were you before this happened?”

“We slept in different rooms” l replied.

“Bring her along she is lying.”

“Yes Arrest her”they said in unison.

“Stop”someone said and l turned to see the unknown man that helped me to take Connor to his room the other day he got injured.”

“Mr Felix!” They said and bowed slightly.

So his name is Felix.

I was already sobbing silently, what if something bad happened to him.
Oh no nothing should happen to my Connor
Oh dear Lord please protect him, l prayed.

“If Mr Connor finds out you touched a strand of her her,then consider yourselves as dead” he said and they all bowed slightly in response.

“Have checked the CCTV footage, it’s true they slept in different rooms, but what happened after then wasn’t captured so this means someone tampered with the CCTV cameras.”

“Mr Connor have been abducted.”

“What?” I yelled.
No no it can’t be! I cried.

“I think they found out there was a tracker on his necklace,l will take care of this matter, take Miss lsabelle home, make sure she is safe, don’t live her side, protect like you do to Mr Connor, for now you are her bodyguards, am l clear?”

“Yes sir” they chorused.

“And one more thing, Mr Braxton must not know of this, tell him Connor went on an emergency business trip, l will send someone to go pick him up.”

“Yes sir” they chorused.

“You may leave, and don’t forget nothing should happen to this young lady” he said and led me to the car.

I cried uncontrollably, my eyes became puffy.


We got to the masion and l ran to my room.

Now that we are finally together, this happened.

Oh no l just take this, nothing should happen to him, nothing should to him.

I said repeatedly and sobbed silently.

The door creaked open and Barbara walked in.

I wiped my eyes quickly.

“What? Can’t you knock” l said as l stared at her disdainfully.

“Isabelle!” She called softly and l was surprised.

“Am sorry lsabelle, l know you may think l dislike you but that’s quite the opposite.”

“Am a lesbian.”

“Yes l just told you my little secret.”

“To be honest, l don’t hold any grudge against you, l was only attracted to you and took to bullying and arguing with you.”

“Am really sorry please forgive me.”

“Have you been crying?” She asked.

“No am fine, am totally fine, something got in my eyes” l lied.

“Oh am sorry, someone said l should give you this” she said and handed me a record clip.

“listen carefully and you will know the person that sent it.”

“You have to grab every detail, you can keep it now and prepare your mind to listen later, but please be strong don’t freak out when you listen.”



* 😭😭😭 Connor has been kidnapped
Who do you think sent lsabelle the record clip and what do you think is in the record


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